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Weekly Internet Marketing News Round Up


My Weekly News Round Up

Hi there, hope you are all well. This is the start of my new weekly column giving the latest news from the world of Internet Marketing. I  really hope my regular visitors will like this new addition to my content.

Watch out for this logo picture which I’ll use on future NEWS Round Up articles.

So here goes this is from last week, so apologies it should have been uploaded over the weekend but my daughter had to be picked up from university and I’m sorry guys but she comes first – Know what I mean!!

The internet marketing community looked at New York City this week since the SES New York conference took place this Tuesday to Thursday, read on ….

Optimization of Conversions

The SES New York key speaker, Avinash Kaushik of Google, gave attendees insights on conversion optimization. He focused more on the holistic versus aggressive approach to internet marketing. He said most businesses that operate online, especially those in internet marketing, are plagued with low conversion rates. In fact, the average website only has a 2% conversion rate.

Kaushik offered a few tips that he calls “actionable tips” for how internet marketers can optimize their site and marketing approach to get better conversions. Those who do follow his optimization plan will see an average of 11 times more conversions than those who don’t.

Social Marketing

This week two different social media tools were released that are supposed to help companies in the internet marketing sector get valuable insights to their work. Facebook has also made improvements to its social media metrics features through Insights advancement. Internet marketers can use these Insights to assess the overall effectiveness of internet marketing strategies they are using when it comes to getting in touch with mobile users. Facebook explained on the company blog that numerous metrics will be available including the ability to see what interactions are coming from where. Internet marketers will also be able to see the types of mobile operating systems that get them the most traffic on their sites.

Google Tools

To compete with the social marketing tools, Google also released its own measurement tool on Wednesday. These social reports by Google will help internet marketing companies figure out direct and indirect conversions that are directly related to the use of social media. These tools will also be integrated into other social media marketing platforms for internet marketers according to a report by TechCrunch.


Twitter also made some social media announcements in its company blog this week. They will be sharing over 340 million Tweets each day to help internet marketers reach their target audiences more effectively. These social platforms and sharing is in hopes that they can grow more internet marketing businesses and expand their social media platform as time goes on.

Facebook and Forrester

Facebook and Forrester finally did a collaboration report this week that was able to discover 71% of internet marketing businesses utilize social media, which has proven to make their companies more effective. Since these internet marketing companies are increasing their branding campaigns through social media, they are able to take on more prospects than ever before.

In closing, last week has been a week for conversion optimization and social media tools. It is important for businesses to utilize social media in order to get more conversions and capture the attention of more customers and now with Google, Twitter and Facebook helping internet marketers even more, the next few weeks for internet marketing will certainly be interesting ones.

Hope you liked my new column, please let me know. Leave a comment

Toby Russell



  1. Ciko says:

    there are many tools and servics ailvlabae to help the day to day management of your internet marketing campaign. Focus on the the internet marketing avenues that produce the greatest return on investment (search, email, shopping search, and one other will usually work. Dont test new methodologies work in proven areas. Learn to say no to to things that are overlapping what your already doing. you can always generate better results its overload when you dont.

    • Zach says:

      marketing their products and srveices through online social networks. In fact, in recent few years social network marketing has grown and developed as a very powerful online marketing tool through effective and efficacious

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