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Video Marketing? How To Make Videos The Easy Way


Video marketing is a great way to get your product or services in front of your target audience.  More people than ever are watching videos online, and that means more traffic for you.  Best of all, it’s extremely easy to make videos and post them on video sites.

How Do You Feel About Being The Star?

If you’ve never made a video before, it’s pretty daunting. Now I know for Sam my wife and I it was certainly something we’d seen and heard people talk about at seminars and internet marketing workshops. But we didn’t believe it was for us, you know what I mean we are not the kind of people who love to be in front of the camera, no not our scene at all – so we ended up just agreeing with the gurus yes we had to get into it but in reality thinking “No we’ll get by without it”

Does that sort of ring true with how you feel about it? Come on be honest. Ok no worries but then what happened for us was we met some UK based internet marketers who are heavily into video marketing and showed us several ways of creating videos – the easy way without being the “star” of the production. So today here are the nuts & bolts of Easy Video Production.

Once you make your first video, you’ll be cranking them out like crazy.  If you’ve got the technical skills turn on a computer, you can make perfectly good videos.

Set It Up And Start Talking

The easiest method of all is to turn on your video recording software, check to make sure the lighting is alright, and start talking away.  Just talk to your computer like it’s a good friend and share your information with them.

You can use articles or any other content as your script.  But instead of reading it (which makes a pretty boring video), use it as just an outline.  Summarize what the article says. 

Lots of people don’t want to do this because they hate seeing themselves on camera.  Some folks also just don’t look happy or natural on video.  Give it some sincere effort and see if you can get it to work for you.  If not, there are some easy alternatives to making even higher quality videos.

Make A PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint presentations are extremely easy to make.  For each slide put one important point and a few sentences to explain.  You can cut up articles and turn them into PowerPoint videos.  Add your voice explaining in more detail and some graphics to spice it up.

It may sound lame, but actually PowerPoint videos do really well on video sites.  They’re much more interesting to watch than you might think!

You can also get software for making PowerPoint presentations for absolutely free.  Its available as part of Open Office, which is an open source version of Microsoft Office. 

Screen Capture Software

Another easy way to make your videos more appealing is to use screen capture software.  This means programs like Screenflow and Camtasia.  There are free versions of this type of software available, but if yore going to be using it a lot its worth paying for.  Plus you get all kinds of special features and other options.

These programs record what you’re seeing on your computer screen.  You can walk your viewer right through whatever you’re doing.  You can also highlight, circle and do lots of other stuff.

Advanced Video Creation (That’s Still Easy!)

Now, for some really killer videos that are still easy to make, mix them all up.  Include some PowerPoint, some screen capture and a few real live people talking.  It’s not at all difficult to edit it all together and make something really interesting.

So now listen up in my next post I’ll show you exactly how to get your videos viewed and start seeing real traffic gains from it. Till then

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