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Video Marketing ? How To Get Your Videos Viewed


Welcome back to the 2nd part of my Video Marketing Series of blogposts. In my last post I describe just how simple and straightforward creating videos can be. So I really hope you’ve had a go and created at least one since last time.

Ok creating the video is step 1 & here today I want to give my 8 Top Tips to get the absolute best from your video creation process.Video marketing is the thing to do these days.  You can get your message across via video much more directly than you can with written content.  Sites like YouTube and Daily Motion are huge.  You can use them to get your videos seen all over the world.  Here are the essential strategies you need to use to get your video out there and get it noticed. 

No. 1 –First of all, here are a few short tips on making your videos.  Keep them short and easy to digest.  I wouldn’t make anything over 5 minutes.  Always start off by introducing yourself and telling the viewer really quickly what they’re going to get? Answer the question in their mind, Why should I watch this?

No. 2 –Don’t make your video a sales pitch.  People don’t like that.  Instead, offer them something of real value.  It should be helpful and entertaining.  Those are the kinds of videos people like.

No. 3 –YouTube and other video sites are extremely easy to use.  You create a profile and you can start uploading videos.  It’s all very user-friendly and there are plenty of tutorials, FAQs and forums if you get stuck.  We wont get into the mechanics of that here; instead let’s look at how you get them viewed. 

No. 4 –When you’re posting videos, there are two things to pay particular attention to? Tags and titles.

No. 5 –Like your articles and web content, your videos should be search engine optimized.  Choose good keywords as your tags and make sure they’re in the title and description.  Videos are indexed directly by Google, so your videos will come up under the search terms you choose.

No. 6 –The title should be short and attention-grabbing.  It should be the kind of thing that’s going to make your typical Web surfer go, Hey, whets this?  It should also have your keyword as close to the beginning as possible.

No. 7 –Now, let’s talk about your URL.  Put your URL at the beginning of your videos the description.  Don’t bury it after a bunch of other text!  Put it right at the front where it’ll be easily seen and clicked (and indexed by Google).

No. 8 –It’s also a good idea to put your URL in the video itself.  Have it at the bottom of the screen throughout the video or up in a corner.  If you’ve got a logo, put that there too.  Videos are great tools for branding your site, so ideally you should have both the URL and logo in the video itself.

YouTube is just one of the video sites you can use, but it’s the most popular.  But here’s one word of warning about posting videos there: They can remove your videos without warning or reason.  Recently, lots of internet marketers who targeted the keyword phrase make money online have been nailed by YouTube.  Their videos disappeared without a trace.

What can you do about it?  Nothing really.  Its belongs to Google, and Google’s constantly cleaning house.  Their choices in videos to delete are pretty random.  But one thing you can do is make sure you’ve got your videos saved somewhere.  They can take up some serious space, so use an external drive or online storage if you have it can be a great idea.

Toby Russell

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