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Using Webinars To Get In Touch With Your Market


Hi there and welcome back to my tips on growing your online presence. Now both Sam & I know that for many of you just starting out the idea of running a webinar makes you run for the hills, and we totally understand that. Blimey its very scary stuff. But just stand back for a minute, grab a coffee and read on because honestly its nowhere near as hard as you may think, so read on & discover how ….

Webinars are online interactive presentations.  Aside from actual physical seminars, they have the highest conversion rate of any marketing methods – usually around 10-25%.  But unlike seminars, webinars are very easy to do.  All you need is a web conferencing service, a list of prospects, and the exact information they’re looking for.

The Benefits Of Webinars

Webinars offer a lot of benefits besides the potential to make sales.  This is a way to get in touch with your target market on a one-on-one basis.  It’s incredible for creating a long-lasting relationship.  It allows them to participate with you and your products directly.

It also works well because of the scarcity factor.  The webinar happens on this day at this time, so people have to be there.  You can replay it, but basically it’s a one-time event.  This also gets them committed to it.  What this means is that many of them have already decided to buy from you or take whatever action you want them to.

You can also do a lot with webinars.  There’s basically no limit to all the features they offer.  You can use PowerPoint slides, show screenshots from your computer, conduct surveys with instant results, and allow callers to talk, and a lot more.

Getting Your Webinar Started

The first step is to decide exactly what you want to do with your webinar, and then find a service that offers it.  You’ll be looking for services that offer webcasting and web conferencing.  Webcasting allows you to broadcast audio or video.  It’s usually used for large events.  Web conferencing is what most smaller marketers use because it’s much more interactive.

While most web conferencing services charge you, there is a variety of pricing structures.  There are also free services, but they often have limits on how many people can participate, and these can be quite small.  Check it out before you choose.

Promoting Your Webinar

You can promote webinars the same way you promote everything you offer your customers – social media, paid advertising, forums, your blog, etc.; but by far, the best way to do it is through a list.  A membership list is full of people that are already interested in what you have to offer.  Aside from advertising on your own list, you can advertise your webinars on someone else’s list, and then pay the list owner a commission of the money you make. 

When you’re promoting your webinar, tell people exactly what they can expect from it.  For all of your descriptions, keyword optimize and make sure there’s a hotlink that leads directly to it or to its sign-up form.

Tips On Doing Webinars The Right Way

There’s definitely a right way and a wrong way to do webinars.  If you do it right, you’ll have people coming back for the next one.  If you do it wrong, the next one will be lonely.

First of all, do your webinar live.  Some people prerecord theirs, and this completely defeats the purpose.  The more interactive your webinar is, the more people will enjoy it and participate.  Their participation is what will end up turning into conversions.

Practice your webinar ahead of time.  Make sure it’ll go smoothly and make sure you time it.  One of the biggest complaints people make about webinars is that they go over time or that the time isn’t managed well.

Your webinar should provide useful information and not just be a pitch for your product.  Lots of people turn their webinars into extended sales pitches, and it’s completely unnecessary.  If you put on a good show and everybody feels satisfied with the content, they’ll buy from you.

Cover all the points you said you would and allow the audience to ask questions.  Take these questions seriously and answer them fully; don’t dodge questions you don’t want to answer.  Remember that one of the main purposes of webinars is to show your expertise and brand yourself as an authority.

Finally, give them a good call to action.  People use their webinars for a variety of purposes, not just to sell something.  Whatever action you want your audience to take, make sure that the webinar leaves them feeling energized and ready to do it.

Toby & Sam Russell

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