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Using Pay Per Click to Grow Your Online Business


Pay Per Click? How To Make It Work For You

Hello and today I want to talk a little about advertising both in terms of how you can make money through allowing others to advertise on your site or blog or how by spending a little on advertising you can significantly grow your exposure on the web, and really move your internet marketing activities forward at a pace, so here goes …

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a great tool and had revolutionalised the methodology and opportunities for advertisers both large and more significantly small companies.

 If you’re an Internet marketer looking to monetize your blog or website, it offers a great way to make money online.  If you’re a small business looking for big exposure, but without the big budget to make it happen, PPC is also a great way to achieve this goal.  In either case, PPC advertising allows the little guy (or gal) to promote in a highly targeted fashion and can return worthwhile revenues as well

Although there are other programs, the most popular by far is Google Ad Sense program.  Let’s take a look at how Google Ad Sense works to get you the money or exposure you are looking for.

Making Money With PPC

Google Ad Sense is great because you don’t have to be a big company or have a highly ranked blog or website   to use the program and have success with it.  The only thing you need is your own website that you use to join the Ad Sense program. As Ive said   You don’t have to be well-known, highly respected etc, but how much money you make is all going to depend on how much traffic your site gets so being honest about this as with all things on the net – little or no traffic – don’t expect worthwhile results 

Here’s how it works.  Google Ad Sense is essentially a program for advertising.  By signing up, you let Google put ads on your website.  These ads are determined by keywords and web content.  In other words, they’ll only put ads that Google thinks are relevant to your site, the idea being that somebody who is interested in your site will be interested in these products or services as well.  The ads are in text form or banners, whichever you choose. So as an example you have a weight loss site, it’s likely you’ll get weight loss, healthy eating related ads through from Google.

Whenever someone clicks on one of these ads, it’s money in the bank for you.  You can choose as many ads as you want to create more opportunities for clicks.  You just fill out an application form that includes details about your website and bank account so that they can pay you.  Then, they give you a code that put place anywhere you want on your site.  The only thing you have to do is get worthwhile traffic numbers to your site reading your content. 

Word of Caution

Don’t be naive over this. Ad sense is not, I repeat not a path to making you an overnight millionaire. You need to view it as just one of the income streams you are generating. Some 6 or 7 years ago there were some Internet marketers making fortunes from it, with hundreds of sites etc but then Google changed the rules and the ad sense revenue tap got virtually shut off overnight. Is it still possible to make money with the program – yes, is it worth doing – yes it is – but ‘heads up’ be realistic the amounts certainly initially can be quite small.  – So beware and remember its just one of your income streams

Advertising Made Easy

Another way to make use of this system is to have your site advertised using Google Ad Sense.  This means that you create the ads that Google then places on other people’s websites.  Again, you don’t have to be a huge company to do this; but you do need a budget that allows you to pay for some advertising obviously.

You’ll have to research some good and targeted keywords that relate well to your business or service, and also that get lots of traffic on Google.  When you have your list contact Google and let them know how much you’re willing to spend.  Your budget determines how often and where they’ll place your ads. 

Having Google advertise your site for you is free; you only have to pay when someone clicks on your ad.  And you can decide this amount with Google when you’ve decided your budget.

Google Ad Sense is a great tool for helping you make money online.  It’s also a godsend to small businesses that don’t have the means to pay for big advertising.  It offers a cheaper alternative that can get you lots of exposure.  This is just one of the many internet marketing strategies that you should be considering to grow your online presence, exposure and revenue earning capabilities, check it out.

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