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Unlock The Power of “Stumble Upon” For Your Internet Marketing Success.


Hello and here’s my next post in the mini series of Web 2.0 marketing resources and techniques. Now I hope you took note of my opinions in the last post about information and work overload because it’s just so easy to get despondent especially in the early days.

But Listen up what you need to do is start to put all these marketing strategies and resources to work in unison for you, plan out your weekly schedule so you can at least do some marketing using them all – believe once you get it structured in its quite possible – providing that is you’re organised, anyway lets get into what StumbleUpon can do for your internet marketing activity ….

What Is It?

StumbleUpon is a web 2.0 site that you can use to generate lots of traffic.  You can use it to promote your online business and as part of your overall SEO strategy.  There’s one major difference though – You have to be real and natural with it.  Stumblers don’t like to be marketed to.

StumbleUpon was one of the first social bookmarking sites.  Social bookmarking basically means bookmarking a site just like you do on your computer, with one major difference? You tell everybody about it.

For users, it offers a better way to find good sites on the web.  You can filter out all the garbage.  It uses scores and ratings by other users to get the best results.  So for example, a friend that you share common interests with might recommend a site for you to check out. 

What It Does

Of course, as an internet marketer you can manipulate this system!  But with StumbleUpon, it’s much better to go about it in a natural way.  First, let s look at how you get started.

How To Get Started

First, you join and download the StumbleUpon software.  This allows you to put the tool on your browser toolbar.  This is important because it cuts down on lots of time when all you have to do is click a little icon up there and you’ve instantly shared a link.

You should go ahead and make a complete profile with a picture.  As I said, StumbleUpon users don’t want to be marketed to; they want to know what real human beings just like them found useful or cool online.

Been Using Facebook “Likes”? Then StumbleUpon will be a Doddle

You probably know about Facebook’s likes.  Well, StumbleUpon was there first with its thumbs up and thumbs down.  When you like a site, you give it a thumbs up.  The more thumbs ups a link gets, the higher its score.

Now, it’s important not to be spammy with StumbleUpon.  You won’t get anywhere doing that.  For example, giving your own sales page a thumbs up isn’t going to work.  Nobody else will give it a thumbs up and they might even report it as spam.  But StumbleUpon is really useful for promoting blogs and content sites.  You can also use it for videos, photos, games, news articles, etc.

Be Social & Helpful

One way to get thumbs ups using StumbleUpon is to connect with others; when they send you a link, stumble it and give it a thumbs up.  Then send them yours.  I scratch your back, you scratch mine.  This is a good way to get lots of links and it takes just minutes to do.  If they like your link, your link appears on their profile for others to see.

You can also hook up with others interested in your niche, and share your sites with them.  It’s kind of incognito? You’re pretending it’s not YOUR site.  But it’s not spamming.  After all, people like stuff because they like it; so if your contents cool, they’ll dig it.

Advertise As Well

StumbleUpon also lets you pay for ads.  They’re not so anti-marketing that they won’t let you do that!  They also have subscriptions, friend networks and groups.  You can use its subscriptions, friend networks and groups to find other people who might be interested in your site.

The whole key to success with StumbleUpon is to be natural.  Don’t be overly promotional; just put your links out there and let them get stumbled.  You’ll get traffic and thumbs ups by simply offering other users something cool and interesting? Your site. Ok that’s it for StumbleUpon. Interested in getting links? Well you should be and in my next post I’ll give you my Top 3 Link Building Strategies for you to use on a daily basis – is that fair?

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