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Top Tips For Outsourcing


Hi there now for many of us when time is pretty tight we consider using outsourcers to create content, articles etc. Now its fair to say personally I think anyone into creating a strong online business and presence needs to use outsourcers in some shape or form, that is unless you have loads of time to do it all yourself.

The old adage ‘time is money’ is very true. I tend to just not have enough time to do everything I want and especially when it comes to writing, not being a natural at it, it takes me time, brainpower (that sometimes I don’t think I have!) and a real commitment. So sometimes I just consider the best way to utilise my available time is to decide on subject, keywords and then outsource it.

But here’s the thing – you need to plan it out properly & here’s why …..

 1} You want to be building working relationships

But to do that you need to start somewhere. For me I start on the forums, post a couple of times normally get some response and feedback and then start asking questions. Interestingly it’s when you start asking questions that suddenly some of the respondent’s just dry up. My guess they are interested in a fast buck and can’t be arsed to go into detail – I don’t want that

I want to establish a panel of writers who I can work with and deliver when I need it and to a marketable quality.

2} Write a comprehensive Brief

The more information you give someone the better they are likely to understand your needs, if you don’t then its really “buyer beware” because you’ll have problems, believe me we have been that route its time consuming frustrating and a waste of money

3} don’t always just buy on price

Temping I know & I’ve done that, been there and paid the price for it. I once ordered some articles, good cheap price – they arrived late, were extremely poor, English was terrible – the guy offered to amend. This he did three times and still I had to edit them further myself. Naturally I paid a reduced price but what a lot of hassle.

That’s why communicating is so vital and doing your vetting of jobs they have completed in the past.

On a positive note I found 1 writer on the warrior forum, tested the water with him and a year down the road I’m still using him on a regular monthly basis.

 4} Finding skills and using knowledge I don’t possess.

I want an eBook I have re-written with additional material added and it’s on alcoholism, so a bit specialised.

Posted a detailed brief on Elance and within 7 days I’d had over 20 proposals. Some I discounted immediately (price either too expensive or too cheap) then I got into an email conversation with a few and have just decided on one, again not the cheapest – so I’ll update you on how it goes.

But bottom line do get outsourcing, if you’re serious about making it online buying in specialist help when you need it makes sound financial sense – believe me!

To your success

Toby Russell

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