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Top Tips For Monetizing Your Site By Selling Info Products & Using Affiliate Marketing


One of the problems these days is there’s just so much information about almost anything you can think of out there, and contrary to popular belief the average reader is becoming pretty discerning and will very soon realise if the information they have been given is not up to scratch, or if its not what they want they’ll tell you very graphically by either returning the product demanding a refund or if it’s a series not buying ever again.

Make Sure There’s “Demand” for your product

I’ll give you an example; I’m involved in a publishing company. Now consumer publishing is hugely competitive with whatever subject you care to think of being catered for by numerous magazines, both on & off line.

Now a few years ago now we launched a magazine having done considerable market research in to the MPV (multi purpose vehicle market) sales of these types of vehicles were starting to be significant here in the UK. We launched the title and to be honest it bombed, and quickly – then we realised something – although people drive MPVs they don’t think of them in that way so we changed the title to 4×4 and wow what a change.

What I’m trying to get at is make sure whatever product whether it be your own or an affiliate product make sure it is correctly targeted, make sure you understand what people are searching for and deliver on that requirement because if you get it wrong you’ll not only not sell a lot but your refunds will start to add up

So please bear in mind my experiences when you’re looking at products to sell. My advice is before you ‘go to market’ especially with your own product ask about, check online in the forums & online newsletters to make sure what you are producing & selling is what people what, need and are asking for – don’t get blinkered over this. Anyway here we go with some brief information over affiliate marketing and information products

Affiliate Marketing

Another way to make money with your site is obviously affiliate marketing.  For those of you reading this and just starting out this means joining an affiliate program.  You advertise your affiliate’s products on your site, and when one of your visitors goes to their site and buys, you get a cut of the value of the sale. Affiliate programs keep records of every transaction and pay you out accordingly.

The percentage of the sale that you get can be pretty significant.  With PPC, you’ll see small gains made over a long period of time.  Affiliate marketing will get you pretty worthwhile commission sales because some affiliate programs offer commissions 50%, 60% and more of the order value.  It all depends on their pricing scheme.  If affiliate marketing is a way you choose to precede check out at sites like Click bank.

What Is Affiliate marketing & How Do I make Money from it?

Ok simple answer we’ve given you above but now for more in-depth hints, tips and information you need to join my list by filling in your name & email address and get my 94 page Special Report that includes a chapter all about Affiliate marketing & how to make money from it. You need this information – sign up today!

And as an added bonus you’ll receive regular hints, tips and advice to help keep you on track with your online business.

Sell Information Products

The last 10 years have seen a huge increase in people buying E-books and other online products.  E-books aim to offer useful information, and many target the ‘how to’ area of niches.  The major difference is that they are digital products, available to download and not hard copy books.  While just a few years ago people were wary of buying digital products that didn’t exist in any physical form, these days it’s the norm.

You can create an E-book, a video series, audio files or any other medium that you want.  Choose a topic that helps people with some problem related to your niche.  With the easy technology these days that we have for info product creation, it takes little technical know-how and almost no money.

On your site or through your newsletter or opt-in list, you can sell your information product to your customers.  This is a great way to create a passive stream of income.  Once you’ve got the product created, the whole system can be automated, so there’s nothing you have to do.

The Internet is always changing.  To stay competitive online, you need to keep current and utilize every method available.  These are just a few ways that you can turn traffic into cash on your website. Do let us know how you get on; we’d love to hear your comments, until then ….

Toby Russell

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  1. Carlton Seek says:

    The idea of the so-called Internet guru has become very popular as of late. If you just follow the Internet Guru, he will lead you to riches…true or untrue? Well, it’s true. But make no mistake…most gurus want to make money from you, not help you achieve online success. The other thing to consider is, are you the type of person who is going to be able to follow somebody? Or, are you the kind of person who can use what you have and form your own way of making money online. I realized pretty early on that, while I wanted to learn things from people, the reality was, I was going to have to find my own way of making money online…a collage of all the ideas I had come to.

    It’s not everybody that can do this…but that’s how my mind worked. Never ever get it into your head that you have to “follow the rules” in order to make money on the web. It simply isn’t true. You can do things your own way and have lots of success. It’s just a matter of wanting it and making it a part of your life in order to find your own way through the Internet marketing maze.

    It is a fact that affiliate marketing is among the simplest and most efficient ways to generate income online. However, you will have to make an effort right until you can generate income from your affiliate business. You must work hard if you want to achieve success and you will also have to apply certain tools in order to earn money.

    1. Commitment: The very first thing you have to do is to commit to yourself that you are serious with your choice, you’re serious with building your own business, serious about taking 100% responsibility with whatever you do. You might think that this sounds ridiculous, but it’ll guide you rightly on your journey. Once you can think, and are responsible like a real business owner, you’ll stand out from people.

    2. Education: The next important part that can make or break your business is your education, or your knowledge about this online business. Most people failed because they did not know exactly what Internet Affiliate Marketing is, how it works, and how they can do things correctly. If you want to see results in the long run, you must arm yourself with enough knowledge. Don’t let something that you don’t know holds you back.

    3. Focus: The laser beam can break through even the thickest plate of metal because it focuses its energy. You can break even everything if you stay focus too. Fact is, people have no advantages over you, everyone starts at the same level, the reason why some have success, some don’t lies in the word “focus”. Focus on what you can do best, on what you know the most, and go with them, you’ll join the 5% group soon.

    4. Taking actions: Isn’t it true that only taking actions can bring you closer to your goals? You can’t achieve results just by sitting there, making a wish! It’s time to put what you’ve learned so far to real actions. I know this is the hardest part, but believe me that when you can do the very first action toward your goals, the next steps will come naturally. Whatever you do, make sure that it guides you to your goals!

    5. Don’t quit: Quitters are losers! In fact, if you’re serious with your online business, having enough knowledge about what you’re doing, and are taking actions persistently, chances are you’ll never quit! Congratulations! Because most people came in fast, but they quit soon as well. If you just stay focus, taking actions, and don’t quit, you’ll be successful. Guaranteed!

    The best way to truly find your fortune is yes, learn from those who have been there. But also learn how to tap into your own inner power, and be your own person. Find your own will and your own direction. Test things out for yourself and see if they work.
    You can also discover the top secrets and methods made by one of the top successful affiliate marketers (George Brown), and learn how to generate big revenues using nothing but free traffic.
    And you can also contact me on I’ll be more than happy out there to help

    Carlton Seek

  2. Carlton Lucas says:

    We’ve all heard stories of people making easy money online with auction sites like Clickbank, or by writing a blog, or by using Google AdSense, and quite a few other methods. Is it truly that easy? If you’re a newbie, then the answer is “no”. When you discover a proven system however, then it truly is feasible to make easy money online. My favourite approach for accomplishing this is with affiliate marketing.

    It is a fact that affiliate marketing is among the simplest and most efficient ways to generate income online. However, you will have to make an effort right until you can generate income from your affiliate business. You must work hard if you want to achieve success and you will also have to apply certain tools in order to earn money.

    1. Make a list of topics that you find intriguing.

    2. Sign up with some affiliate networks and browse their product offerings.

    3. Find affiliate products that are being successfully promoted by others. This can be done by searching the affiliate stats.

    4. Find out if there’s a demand for the item you are thinking about promoting. This can be done with the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. It can show you how many times a specific keyword phrase is being searched for each month.

    5. When you discover an item that meets all of these criteria then sign up as an affiliate. You’ll get a unique Id number that’s located in your link to the merchant’s web site. This identification number is what makes it possible for you to get paid.

    6. Publish a Newsletter (Optional)

    It amazes me how many people don’t capture email addresses on their site. Email marketing can be one of the most effective ways of creating loyalty and trust with your visitors.

    Newsletter can keep your visitors informed with what’s new at your site, and it also provides you with the opportunity to market additional product and services to them.

    What’s great about a newsletter subscriber is that they’ve already told you they like what you have to offer. They wouldn’t have given you their email address if they didn’t right? So it’s important you keep their interest so they don’t unsubscribe.

    Don’t go for sales every time
    Many people make the mistake of throwing to throw in too many sales pitches in their newsletter. If you appear as though you’re just trying to get your visitors to buy something every time you send out an email, they’ll catch on quickly and unsubscribe.

    Now, there is the exception. If you own a shopping website then this rule doesn’t apply as much. Your visitors expect you to send information on new products in your store.

    For example, when you sign up with’s newsletter, you expect them to send you deals and information on products on you can purchase on . What else would you do at but shop?

    However, if you have an information website on how to play tennis, and in your newsletter you’re constantly trying to get people to buy from different sports stores you’re affiliated with, that’s a di9fferent story.

    Eventually your subscribers will start to feel like they’re being pitched to over and over again. Pretty soon they’ll get the idea that you’re just trying to earn a commission and sell products.
    Mix relevant information with product recommendations
    It’s important that you find a nice mix providing quality information and soft selling. In other words, every email you send out should not be promoting something. Something you should just send out helpful information that your audience can use.

    Then once and a while you can throw in a recommendation for a product you believe your subscribers will be interested in. This is where you plug the company you’re affiliated with.

    Let’s say you send a newsletter on how to perfect your tennis swing. You can go through the techniques in your email and at the end you can recommend your favourite tennis video from This is where you send them to buy the video and’s affiliate program pays you.

    So even though you are promoting a product, ou still began the email by offering them valuable information about the topic of tennis. What’s great is if you do this effectively, it doesn’t come off as “selling “. It just appears that you’re making a recommendation for a product you love.

    I use Aweber
    I tried running a newsletter script on my own server, but it was not very robust. Unless you are really into programming, i’d recommend using a third party site to manage our newsletter.

    With Aweber, you can collect demographic information from your website visitors then they subscribe, and you can send targeted massages based upon the information you collect.

    So for example, let’s say when people subscribe to your newsletter you ask them for their age and their sex. With aweber, you can send a targeted email out to females under the age of thirty if you wish.

    Aweber also tracks click-thru rates for links inside your emails and they provide excellent reporting.

    7. Learn from the top successful affiliate marketers that have succeeded as being affiliate marketers and copy the same exact methods and techniques that they’ve done.

    Lastly, you’re going to need to develop a marketing plan. This doesn’t include things such as creating internet websites, writing articles, producing videos, advertising, or a combination of any or all of these techniques. You might wish to invest in a good affiliate marketing course to teach you about the numerous strategies available.
    You can also discover the top secrets and methods made by one of the top successful affiliate marketers (Steve Iser), that will take you on a step by step guide and discover how to generate big revenues using nothing but free traffic.
    And you can also contact me on I’ll be more than happy out there to help

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