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Tips On Hiring The Right Backlinking Service


Now as soon as you get into Internet marketing or running an online business you’ll start to hear people twitter on about backlinks, what they are, why you need them and most importantly how to get them. Should they be on way, reciprocal or not etc etc, and I tell you it all gets pretty boring and leaves your head spinning.

Backlinks Is Essential An Essential SEO Strategy

But for many online business the sheer process of getting backlinks is not only time consuming but boring and that’s why so many use the services of a company to get you those links, but hear I need to sound the “Buyer beware” signal and if you read on you’ll understand why …..

To Hire Or Not To Hire?

Hiring a backlinking service can really help your online business. It takes a time-consuming task and puts it in somebody else’s hands so that you can concentrate on building sites, writing content, or whatever else you’d rather be doing (including the beach with pina coladas).

The only trouble is that not every backlinking service is all it’s cracked up to be. Some of them take your money and give you lousy backlinks that aren’t worth it at all. So, before you hire a backlinking service, there are some things you need to do.

Get to Know The Ropes Yourself First

Before you even think about outsourcing this task, you should do it yourself. Hopefully, you’ve done it already and that’s the whole reason you want to hire some help. But if you haven’t done it yourself, you’ll have no idea if the service knows what they’re doing. You also won’t know how much is a fair price for you to pay.

When searching for backlinking services, it’s always best to go with a recommendation if you can get one from another marketer. If not, look for testimonials and feedback on their site. You might want to be sceptical about the feedback and take a closer look, though, because it’s really easy to create fake testimonials. You can ask them for references or check out some of the people who have left testimonials if you want more information.

Don’t Just Take It At face Value

When you start talking with a backlinking service, you should ask them exactly what kind of backlinks they’re going to get you. Not all backlinks are created equal. Make sure you know whether they’re coming from forum posts, profile links, social bookmarking sites, and so on. The best backlinking services are the ones that offer the most variety.

Proof Perfect!

Another question you need to ask them upfront is what kind of proof they’re going to give you. Usually they give you a report on a regular basis. Check out their reports and make sure that they provide you with all the information you need to know. One bit of information that’s really important is the URLs to your backlinks so you can check up on them.

It’s really important to know as much as possible about their methods because so many backlinking services out there simply use backlinking software tools that you could buy and run yourself. These are usually the services that run in the lowest price range. Make sure that they’re manually creating backlinks themselves.

Hiring the wrong backlinking service cannot only waste your money, but can actually get you penalized by the search engines. If they use software or any other shady practices, this could spell real trouble for you. This is why it’s really important to take your time and check out everything about them.

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    I know there are many more advanced and technical SEO techniques out there. However this a very useful and concise list for an effective internet marketing and improved site ranking.. Thanks for posting!

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