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The Top Secret to Successful Internet Marketing – Search Engine Optimization!


Why Internet Marketing Cannot Do Without SEO

Ok guys, now listen up if you’re a novice to internet marketing and online information publishing you’ll probably have heard loads of weird and wonderful terms that confuse the hell out of the you and if your not careful you’ll end up trying to ‘overload’ your brain with so much techie information you’ll feel like your head is about to explode. So sit back and today I’ll cover just one of them that you’ll no doubt have come across –Search engine optimization (SEO) for short.

You’ll certainly hear or read that SEO is a necessity for any Internet marketing success. Now although this is not strictly true, the reason for this is your search engine rankings are vital to get you exposure and traffic to your site.

Don’t Fail – SEO It!

 When you fail to optimize your website, this can result in a loss of free potential page rank (and therefore traffic) you could have gained through enhanced search engine ranking positions (SERPS).

What this article intends to achieve is to give you a brief insight into what search engine optimization is all about and the need for every internet marketer to use it to a certain degrees to achieve their own internet marketing success.

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization is a method by which a website is designed so certain key information is easily found when its crawled by the search engine spiders (yes I know I did say spiders strange I know,) you see its all about relevance so the search engines will rate a site dependant on them being able to establish the niche/subject it covers and therefore content of the site and its relevancy.

This can be achieved in a different number of ways. And it’s this combination of areas that need to be addressed that will make up a SEO campaign. There are the key factors which need to be considered when optimizing your website for the search engines & their identification process. These include keyword density, Keyword prominence, Meta tags, Title and inbound links, ok yes I know its sounds pretty daunting and many IM gurus would have you believe that but just read on and take every little bit at a time, because tomorrow I’ll be covering what Keyword Density is, why they are important and why getting links from other ‘relevant’ sites is a real winner, so until then.

Toby Russell

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