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The Top 7 Essential SEO Plugins For WordPress Blogs


Hi there now for many of us, especially starting out the easiest and quickest way is to set up a blog covering your particular niche. Providing you post regularly and have your blog constructed correctly you’re sure to get a stream of traffic, but building that traffic flow is all about having the correct plugins, today you’ll discover my top 7 you absolutely need to max out your blog so here goes …..

There are tons of SEO plugins that you can put on your blog.  Plugins are helpful for you and they enhance your site’s user experience.  The only problem is that it’s really easy to go crazy with your plugins and turn your nice, clean blog into a total monster.

Here are 7 essential plugins that most Internet marketers use for their blogs. 

All In One SEO

This is probably the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress.  As the name suggests, it takes care of all of your blog’s optimization needs, including doing your meta-tags for you, optimizing your titles, fine tuning your links and more.  You can use it straight out of the box or tweak and fine-tune to your liking.   


What happens when you mash together Facebook and WordPress?  You get FacePress.  This is a plugin that you can use for integrating Facebook and your blog.  You can add a like button to your posts so people can share instantly with friends on Facebook.  People can also comment and sign in to your blog using their Facebook IDs.

Tweet This

Tweet This is another essential social media integration plugin.  They can instantly tweet your post to everybody they know on Twitter, which is great for boosting your blog’s readership.


This is a plugin that helps you save server space.  It converts all of your pages into static HTML files and shows these static pages to visitors.  Your PHP site is only used when they want to sign in or comment.  WordPress PHP is heavier, so this saves space.


OnlyWire gives you tools and services for submitting your posts to other sites.  It synchronizes your blog with social media sites Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg and a bunch more.  It just takes one click and your post goes out to all of them.

Related Posts

This is the plugin that shows you other posts that are similar to the one your visitor is looking at.  It keeps them surfing your blog.  It uses your tags to generate a short list of clickable links leading to related posts.

SEO Smart Links

SEO Smart Links is a free plugin that automatically creates links within your blog.  It chooses relevant keywords that have appeared in your other posts and automatically links them all together.  You can use it out of the box or customize it and choose keywords and URLs.  Smart Links is a great time saver.

Of course there are lots more, but these 7 are the essentials.  With just these 7, you can save lots of time on mundane SEO tasks and reach a bigger audience by making it easier for your readers to share.

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