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The Tell A Friend Script? An Essential Tool In Viral Marketing


Hi and today I’ll cover off as promised details of the “tell a friend” script, I’ll tell you exactly what it is, how to get it and what it does and how to use it successfully in your internet marketing activities.

This clever tool or concept is ideal for any Internet marketer to use and is also great because it costs nearly nothing.  The enormous exposure you can get from this technique overshadows any costs you might incur in producing a giveaway product or whatever you end up offering.  Viral marketing can drive massive traffic to any site depending on how far it spreads.

Using The Tell A Friend Script To Pass It On

There is a simple programming script that you can use now to make your viral marketing campaign more effective.  Its called the ‘tell a friend’ script this script is installed on website pages where you’ll got your game, video or story.  When they see it, like it, it’s easy for them to tell everyone about it by simply pressing the Tell A Friend button.

The Real Power Behind This Simple ‘Little’ Idea

The way it usually works is that a person inputs their name, email address and the recipient’s name and email address.  They may also have the option of including a short message.  The media is attached as an attachment.  Because the recipient gets the email from their friend, they don’t toss it into the trash, think its spam, they trust the source and therefore are far more likely to open and read it. Naturally good friends will probably share similar interests, hobbies and therefore also have similar sense of humour as well, however think about it this way we all have a number of circles of friends – one might be work, another from playing sport, from the gym etc so when someone receives something they like they are just as likely to pass it on to other circles of friends, and in turn they will do the same – the power of viral marketing working at first hand!!

Ok some may say this is a bit sneaky, but not really if you’re offering good content in whatever form its fine and do bear in mind that someone, In this case the person’s friend found it funny, interesting enough to consider passing it on so this is how it works.

Also consider this – social networking is in many ways a huge, massive viral marketing tool that virtually everyone uses these days (I’ll be covering social media in the internet marketing context in a later post – so watch out for that). Viral marketing is just such a massive tool for any Internet marketer. So start building your ‘social networking’ profile as well.

Simple Marketing is Always The Best

Just consider this, its just such a simple concept, someone sees you viral message, likes it, sends it to their friends, and then to their friends, and so on.   More and more people see the message/game/video or whatever media you’ve chosen to send and those people want to know more, so they naturally check out your site to see what you have to offer.  This simple script has the potential to generate lots of traffic to your site.

How To Get The Tell A Friend Script

This script is simple and easy to use for anyone, no matter how low-tech you might be.  It’s something that you simply copy and paste onto the page where you want it.  You can find them everywhere; just search for ‘tell a friend script’ in any search engine.  Check out a few of the results and pick the one that you like the most.  It’s simple and free, and it will get you tons of traffic if you’re clever with it

One word of warning though? Be patient.  It may not get the traffic you want right away.  It may take some time before it gets fully passed around.  Once you’ve got it going, you can start producing more media and sending that out and do bear in mind you’ll quickly getting a bit of a name for (fan base if you like) yourself.  Viral marketing is a simple, effective and free way to get traffic, and the ‘tell a friend’ script makes it even easier.

Toby & Sam

PS. Click on my ‘tell a friend’ button click share/save and send to a friend, facebook, twitter etc? It would be good if you did and That’s VIRAL MARKETING!

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