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My Top Tip – Find Your Target Market & The People In It

This really sums up the backbone of successful internet marketing you must at all times target, write to & for (in blogposts, articles on online forums) your target market and to do that successfully you must establish who that reader and customer is.

A few months back we attended a very intensive two-day Internet marketing workshop run by two very successful Internet marketing professionals here in the UK. Towards the end of the first day they asked us all to describe in minute detail our target visitor – it was our homework if you like for the evening and then at the start of day 2 we each had to present our target visitor – sound really easy I know but wait until you do it, and I sincerely recommend you do, its not as easy as it looks – but its probably the most important bit of research you can do we reckon, so here goes …

Name Your Target Visitor

Hey for Sam & I its James, yes weird I know we’ve named him but it brings focus. We know the demographics of who he is, where he lives, his job, his fears and aspirations and what he wants to achieve – so we can identify with and directly appeal to him in our content, our style of writing. We think by doing this we understand and empathise with his problems, his concerns and frustrations to making it work online. We want to be able to help and inspire our visitors.

What’s Your Journey?

As an example our blog is aimed at those starting out online, they can follow Sam’s & my adventure (for want of a better name) in Internet marketing, the ups, downs and most importantly successes – therefore that’s our target market – hopefully you reading this now! – Therefore we need to offer up quality advice and help to those just starting out, hence this kind of post.

For us its also about delivering in ‘bite sized’ chunks – we know from our own experiences information overload is a killer so we try to keep our posts to a length for a quick read, hopefully that’s what allows the best method for people to take in the information. Hope that makes sense, do however let us know, tell us your experiences; we’d love to hear…..

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