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The Internet Marketing Reality Check


Hi – Internet Marketing is just a business, sorry to burst your bubble but you need to understand that, and then hang onto reality. When Sam & I first went to Internet marketing seminars and information publishing workshops, we were shocked, yep really shocked how people you’d talk to in the coffee break would change instantly when the Internet Marketers hit the stage.

These really normal people, would then suddenly 10 minutes later be totally seduced by the Information Publishing guru standing on stage asking people to part with big bucks to buy the “Internet Business in a box” that will make them a wealthy with little hard work or effort. Suddenly credit card in hand they’re up there, paid their money, big box in hand.

Don’t Believe That You Can Log Onto The Internet And Be A Cash Powerhouse After Putting In 15 Minutes Of Work.

Simply put. . . . It Ain’t Gonna Happen. Period.

It really annoys both of us how easily people can be suckered into believing an ‘Internet marketing Business’ is rags to riches with little effort, and we’re here to tell you its not- sorry and all that but lets just cover some of the positives and then put it into context before you’ve given up before you start.

 The Positives: An Internet marketing business can be started, up & running for a small investment – buy a domain, hosting, auto responder account & some effort – you’re making money

An Internet marketing business often operates on low production values and overheads with respectably high profit margins. So with a bit of effort and good sales volumes – healthy profits can be made.

An Internet marketing business can be started part time and gradually built up with many of the necessary tasks being outsourced thereby enabling worthwhile financial rewards for reduced personal efforts thereby offering increased lifestyle opportunities.

So its all good providing you get real from the start and understand this ….

Just stay focused & Real World

Notice the very last word in the first headline – WORK. Doing it on line is just as time consuming, a pain in the ass, and task oriented as an off line job is. Sometimes it’s even more of those aforementioned things!

In fact, most Internet Marketers, or those running a small on line business wear several different job “hats”. Once you’ve been at it for a while, you will learn this overlooked fact. There’s no “magic bullet” or pill that will magically transform you into a multi-million dollar earner overnight. If there was, I would line up to get a few of them myself!

If you’re not willing to put in some effort on your own part, you might as well just quit while you’re ahead of the game. It takes a serious commitment on your part if you honestly want to have an on line business. It also takes a whole lot of skills you have to learn, and money to invest into your business. Yes. It takes all those things. And if you’re not ready for it, don’t like the way it sounds, or seriously believe in the “get rich quick myth”, then don’t attempt to start your own business because you’ll be sunk within two weeks.

So we hope that now we’ve got that out of the way we can move on to some pointers to help you get started. Don’t forget we’ve been at those seminars, we’ve been tempted – our saving grace- we were both there and that gave us the ability so that if one of us was getting ‘hooked’ the other gave them a reality check, pretty quick.

Its just so easy to get pulled in, now I’m not saying lots of the products weren’t great but its like everything its all very well someone offering to let you drive their Ferrari but if you’ve only ever been on a pushbike its not a lot of good.

Finally have you downloaded your personal copy of my “The Secrets to Starting Your Own Internet Business Today”. It’s a simple step by step, easy to follow guide that gives you hardcore advice to move your internet marketing goals forward – it’s FREE!!

Till the next time

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