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Struggling With Article Writing? – Use Public Domain Material To Get Started!


Hi, there are many Internet marketers who feel that article and content writing for their website and article marketing is a tough assignment. – Are you one of them? Ok don’t be too shy to admit it, learning to write can be difficult and although I personally believe every Internet marketer should write at least some of their own content I understand how difficult it can be.

Is This You?

Do you do this? -The task of writing articles is continuously postponed because you dread sitting down to write something of value, you consider it too difficult, you are even unsure about undertaking the research needed to gain the needed facts to undertake the job without it turning into complete gibberish.

Problems Engaging?

After all Article writing is creative engagement and it’s this engagement that sometimes can prove tricky. Ok so what’s the alternative and no I don’t mean lifting already written material and converting it into your own which is simply plagiarism or stealing someone else’s intellectual property, whatever you do, don’t do that. We all know the Internet is huge but believe me you will get caught out and above all else it’s just wrong.

However the one way you can take another person’s article or content and use as your own is if it is public domain.

What is Public Domain ?

Public domain articles are articles written by authors that have relinquished ownership to them and so anyone can take these and use them for whatever purpose they want. So an article obtained that belongs to this category would not attract any penalty because it has no exclusive ownership; anyone can lay claim to it.

It is therefore offers an alternative and easier way to write articles. Rather than search the library looking for information to help you create an article from scratch, you can just take a public domain article and modify it to suit your purpose.  Now a word of advice here you are unwise and it’s lazy to use it as is, you should always edit it, put your own spin, mark on it because it’s this that makes it a bit more unique. Plus if you want to gain high ranking through your articles and for your website, then you will modify the keywords and phrases anyway.

By using these articles and modifying to your personal style you have the ability to create a new article/content without the stress of writing from scratch.

The advantage Over Outsourcing

Ok well that’s pretty obvious, the main advantage you enjoy from using a public domain article is that you save money, which would have been spent on hiring a writer. If you were to hire a seasoned writer to do the writing for you, it may cost as much as 10 to 20 dollars per 500 word article. That means you need to have a worthwhile budget if you have loads of articles you wish to write for your website.

If you intend to generate articles for a newsletter series or ezine, public domain articles will be truly beneficial especially if you are in a niche that’s quite specialized and where detailed knowledge is required.

The use of public domain articles is a useful resource (largely untapped because many people fail to realize its value) However one word of caution public domain means just that so you need to be careful that its not an article or content that has been very widely used across the net because then it diminishes its value as unique content.  That’s why you absolutely must re write paragraphs; the introduction put your own stamp on it that’s very important.

The need to keep churning out articles has created a new industry for writers because articles, keyword and keyword phrases are a sure way to get your ranking up in the search engines.

Public domain articles have become a great alternative for those who are cash strapped to pay for hired writers and do not have the time nor the skills to do their articles for themselves.

But for us we still believe and recommend that you use all avenues in your internet marketing drive for traffic and that means creating articles and content by A} writing it yourself B} outsourcing to writers and C} use public domain material but use it if you like as a template to get your creative writing juices started and help you ‘engage with the subject matter – do them all.

Toby Russell

Ok so now please leave a comment, let us know what you think, was the post helpful? Did you get something out of it? Do get involved & let us know.

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