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Hi well what an end to the week, for the last 3 days we’ve been snowed in! Still every cloud has a silver lining, I’ve really been able to focus on my internet marketing activity, written a series of auto responder messages, a number of blog posts for later use and devoted some ‘thinking time’ to what I need to do over the coming weeks to really try and ensure my online activities bear worthwhile ‘financial fruit’ in 2011.

 I been off work recovering from a hernia operation as well, blimey when the surgeon tells you before the op you’ll get some pain and discomfort for a week or so, cue that’s his way of saying you’ll feel awful & be in agony for a bit. Still the upside is I’ve lost over half a stone – which can’t be bad!

But having a bit of time just gives me “thought clarity” and allows me to get myself organised.

Getting Your Calendar Organised

This in turn has allowed me to build an activity colander for my blog postings till after Christmas. Now I don’t know about you but I didn’t know how to load a number of posts and then schedule them for ‘going live’ on certain dates, but I knew a man who would……..

This Is A Really Cool Little Tip

I tell you when I found out how easy it was, its terrific. For those of you who don’t know – go to your dashboard, input your blog post but instead of clicking Publish just above that you’ll see ‘publish immediately’ with a little clickable link next to it saying ‘edit’- click on that, you can then input the date you want to schedule and even the time a day – how cool is that!

Then the box that normally says ‘Publish’ then says ‘Schedule’ Then just click on it – job done. Sorry if I’m preaching to the converted but I didn’t know ‘how to’ so I reckoned some others out there won’t – hope it helps.

So now I can concentrate my blog writing efforts on posts for the future, in a structured fashion. And to be honest I’m going to try & concentrate on some articles next week as well as some more auto responder messages and broadcasts – I’ll let you know how I get on

My Monthly Fix of Top Internet marketing Advice

Just open ed the post and had my printed copy of the Internet Marketing Review arrive. You know the one I mean, published by my friends the ‘2 Neils’ here in the UK, I tell you what I like about it & that’s there’s no bull**** and you can sit down & read it cover to cover in 45 minutes and you always, & I mean always come away with 2 or 3 real little gems of info to use right away.

This issue is no exception, a story covering article writing and quantity versus quality, really focuses my thoughts on the subject which I’ll put into action next week and five top SEO tips that again I’ll be using right away. If you keen to get your hands on this great Internet marketing tool I’ve persuaded the guys to offer a special Trial Offer – so do go & take a look, believe me its well worth the money.

Anyway hope you’ve enjoyed my update, and at a later date I’ll cover the structure of my calendar in a bit more detail, until then …..

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