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Starting Out Online Marketing – Don’t Quit The Day Job


Internet marketing is a great way to make a living and certainly there’s many making money ‘online’. But when you’re just starting out in the Internet marketing business it makes sound sense to slowly but surely ‘learn the ropes’ with the goal of your Internet marketing business becoming an established, profitable enterprise built on firm foundations. Therefore the next statement is just plain common sense, but you’d be amazed how many ‘budding internet marketing entrepreneurs’ ignore it and do so at their peril.

Don’t Quit Your Regular Day Job.

This is very important. If you work a normal “9 to 5” job in the real world, DO NOT QUIT. Although the promises of “wealth from home” running an internet marketing business, or being involved in information publishing may be calling out to you, earning money on line is a tremendously fluctuating income. I don’t care what the other “gurus” or “experts” have to say on this point.

If you’re someone who is “new to the game”, then you don’t have enough “know how” yet to make on line earnings in a steady flow. Not to say it’s impossible, but it’s a difficult task. There’s many things you need to do to ensure your “cash flow” is consistent throughout the year.

Top Tip

Make sure you remember if your serious about Internet marketing you’re building a business here. The keyword here is BUILDING, you can’t possibly learn it all, do it all in a sustainable fashion overnight – keep the cushion of your regular job – wake up here, you still need to pay the mortgage and the bills and believe me when you’ve been used to the regular monthly paycheck and it stops – it possibly the most scary feeling Ive ever had, because at one stage it happened to me for a short couple of months – but I tell you that 2 months seemed like the longest, scariest 2 months of Sam’s and my  life ever

Get Professional Help for the RIGHT Sources

For both of us we wanted to really commit to getting online marketing but realized we needed help. We’d already been the route of one to one mentoring which was ok but didn’t really do it for us.

However for those of you who have read our blog before you’ll know we really endorse products from the ‘2 Neils’ (a couple of highly successful internet marketing guys from the UK) and it was to them we turned when we wanted a no bull****, frills free guidebook that would help us through the newbie stages. Their Internet Business Start Up Kit is certainly that.

You get a really useful start up kit manual, time management report, best niche market report (I tell you for me that was just so useful, when you’re stuck for ideas, just have a read) Plus there’s more, resources CD, Blogging for beginners CD and 6 bonus CDs as well.

And I tell this is what it did for us – step by step, lead you by the hand, work at your own pace, NO FAIL system, that skyrockets your confidence & online business faster than a bolt of lightening.

Bottom line it could do the same for you – check it out NOW – Internet Business Start Up Kit

Get a plan (goal if you like) and make it realistic. Many gurus comment that 5 year plans don’t work, I don’t agree – over 5 years it’s a tangible length of time to structure your business and develop an exit strategy from your 9 to 5 job to ensure you have sustainability in your on line business and a cash reserve to help you though.

What you NEED to do is ease into the Internet Marketing industry slowly, learn what you can, and must do, to set up a business, then run it. Don’t try to master every aspect of Internet marketing that there is in a week’s time and believe you can tell your boss to take a hike. You’ll just make yourself that much more broke!

People who buy information products on line can be a fickle bunch. What might be a highly popular product last week may be phased out with a new product by the next. Technology is always evolving, so you must be prepared for things to change, as they will, and do.

 Until the next time….

Sam & Toby

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