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Splash Pages – Good or Bad?


A splash page is a teaser that introduces people to your website. It shows some type of design or image related to your site. Then, it invites the visitor to enter.

Splash pages aren’t just used for their cool design. They can be used to tell visitors about news, recent changes, or an upcoming promotion on your site. They often show disclaimers, especially for adult-oriented sites. They may let the user choose the format they’d like to view the site in, like HTML or Flash. If you have multiple related sites, a splash page can help the user navigate by providing links. You can also show video or play music.

You most often see splash pages used for sites about:

 Entertainment, movies, or music

 Content for children


 Video games

 Photography, art or design

 Travel and tourism

However, they can be used effectively for just about any kind of site. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

The Pros of Splash Pages

One of the great things about a splash page is that it can be used for branding. It shows the visitor some image or media that’s related to your site, and this binds the two together in their minds. It helps to give your site a solid image.

As I mentioned before, splash pages are great for lots of different uses. It can actually be a tool that makes navigating and visiting your site easier for the user.

A splash page is also a great way to get your visitors’ attention and that’s not always easy to do. A good splash page sets your site apart and draws them in. It can get them excited just like the opening credits of a movie.

The Cons of Splash Pages

A splash page can make navigation easier, but it can also do the opposite. It can be just one more step visitors have to take before they can access your content. Remember that when it comes to the Web, we’re dealing with severely reduced attention spans.

They can also slow things down. Most splash pages use Flash or some other media program, and on old computers it’ll take forever to load. While they’re waiting for it to load, they’ll click away and find a site that’s faster

The other major disadvantage of splash pages is that they’re deadly for SEO. They’re hard for bots to crawl and you’re essentially putting up a front page to your site that has little or no content they can index.

The only real way to know if a splash page is right for your site or not is to test it. Install one and see how it affects your traffic. If you see a drop, ditch it. If you’ve created a splash page that grabs your visitors’ attention and draws them in, you’ll see your traffic go up.

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