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2 Effective Ways To Boost Your Traffic

Hi there hope you are all well, today I want to talk more about traffic, we all know that if you have a worthwhile business idea which you can then take online the Internet Plus that Business idea can Equal extremely worthwhile Profits providing you get your internet marketing right and drive targeted traffic to your site.   

But if there’s one thing missing however that is a lack of traffic then profits will not roll in, and this is essential thing to success online.  You won’t find any article or blog post about making money on line that doesn’t mention traffic as the main deciding factor, can you get it? In sufficient quantity and quality ? Etc, etc

At the very core, it’s all about traffic if you want to have a successful online business.  You need a great product to sell, or someone else’s product to offer, excellent content that gives your visitors value, organizational skills to keep on track, and all of this is focused toward one goal – Generating traffic to attract targeted hungry buyers.

If you’ve got a site already and it’s not getting the traffic you want, it’s time to rethink things and your strategies. All areas of business are competitive these days and it’s essential you stay ahead of your competition

Having An Effective Structure & Plan is Key

You should certainly plan out and then start your traffic campaign and in some instances even before your website is up and functioning fully

You should be always consider your methods of traffic generation even as you are planning and structuring your site, is the structure of your site fully SEO’d, is it search engine friendly and is the navigation simple and easy to follow to ensure those visitors who land on your site are not distracted away from your main ‘call to action’. And keep one day ahead of the competition, what are they doing, is your site better, your offer better? All of these things will have an impact on your traffic levels so it’s a vital area to get your head around immediately.

 Don’t put off getting started by saying I’ today or tomorrow – do it now – consider what traffic you want, IE there’s no point driving traffic to your site about losing weight if 90% of that traffic don’t want to lose weight but are off to buy a Big Mac and large fries!

So, let’s get started.  Here are some things that will get you started generating more traffic, some you may already be doing but do bear in mind its about regular, sustained work on your site, not a bit this week and nothing for a month….

1.   Advertise With Search Engines

Yahoo Overture and Google Ad words offer two great ways to generate tons of traffic.  These cost money, but they put your ads at the very top of the search results where people will see them.  It’s an investment that will pay off with worthwhile traffic later. 

Lots of companies have used these techniques to put themselves at the top.   Just head to either site and see how easy it is to set up an account, watch some of the set up and ‘how to’ tutorials but a word of warning be cautious on your bidding and set your daily budget very low to begin with until you have tried, tested and understand the way they both work.

The absolute key to success with adwords is effective and robust keyword research. Get this wrong and your ads will possible drive traffic but the wrong traffic, so listen to the tutorials and dig deep into your niche with the online tools available and get a closely targeted list of keywords to use.

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2.Exchange Links with Other Sites

When two similar sites trade links, it’s a win-win situation.  Both get more exposure to potential customers, and this drives up traffic.  All of your efforts benefit both of you.  The more sites you trade links with, the greater you’ll see the traffic increase. But do make sure they are in the same niche – remember you want targeted traffic. However a word of caution here its time consuming to ensure that other webmasters actually do what they say they will – so bear that in mind. Also be careful of link farms that are scattered all over the net, the search engines love links but they must be relevant to your site & its subject – if not the search engines especially Google will penalize you so do consider carefully your options. Tomorrow I’ll cover briefly what I believe is the top tip to gaining focus to the kind of traffic you want & need.


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  1. leadhead says:

    A strategy I have been using is to get my current customers to become affiliates.
    Then I offer them 100% commissions. This works for me because I have a membership site but the structure could
    work well if you are trying to build a big list. I wrote a article on my results. You can read it here.

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