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Resale Rights Products & Internet Marketing – What You Need to Know


Hi there – you know its so easy when you first start out developing an internet marketing business to get drawn in to buying this and that internet marketing or information publishing product, software, manual and that’s especially true of resale rights products that certainly for Sam & I appealed as we believed it was a low entry level method of getting into internet marketing with effectively a ‘mini business’ all set up & ready to go, but listen up ……

Don’t Buy Every Resale Rights Product You See For Sale And Think You’ll Be Rolling In Dough Afterwards.

 Now we’ve bought loads so we feel pretty comfortable holding up our hands and saying some have worked & some haven’t. But the bottom line is we’ve got so many just sitting there doing nothing because we haven’t found the time to develop them – so hands ups yep we’ve done, wasted money – but just consider the points below before you end up making the same mistake we did

I honestly believe every newbie goes through this stage of the game. Then they figure out that buying everything that is “new” to them isn’t so new to others who have been in the Internet Marketing business for a while. In the process, they learn the cold, hard truth of the matter. They should have done some research before laying down their cash. But, at that point, it’s too late. Money spent. Lesson learned.

Yes, it is true that many of us will purchase products that we can resell for profits, but before you do again check out the quality of the products and you really need to know which ones are worth your money.

Don’t go buying up cheap rubbish you see on sale at e Bay for a buck and think you’re gonna turn around and sell it for 5 dollars a pop. This is completely unrealistic. Think about it. Why would someone buy from you at a more expensive price when they can buy it just like you did off EBay?

Whether you’re a newbie or not, I’m telling you right now. . . .


You don’t have to. Invest in a good resale rights membership site. Again, not through EBay. They simply aren’t worth even the “less than $10” price tag placed on them. Take it from someone who’s already been down this road and learned the expensive way.

There are many out there specializing in different niches from health, hobbies & past-times, sports etc etc and of course Internet marketing. Again it comes down to you doing a bit of research – type in a niche you’re keen on, have knowledge of so say “fly fishing resale rights membership sites” and see what comes up, dig deeper and then check out forums etc and always try & discover if there’s one you fancy how big their membership list is – you don’t want to be competing with the world.

 Top Tip

Before you buy – check the site’s rules – what can you do with the product, this is vital because if you can’t edit, add information and photos and make the product unique then you’ll have a far harder time making money from selling a product that many others are marketing on line as well.

Finally DO spend the time to personalize your product – its essential and will make the difference in terms of how well it sells, believe me we’ve done it & most importantly NOT done it so we can compare results, the one we just whacked out, no editing etc flopped. I tell you learn from our errors.

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