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Developing Quality Content – My Plan

Hi there and if you’ve been following my last post and our holiday activities going to Orlando you’ll realise that we’ve as a family been a bit busy and my internet marketing activity and blog posting has taken a bit of a back seat. However over the weekend I’ve managed to get a publishing schedule together and posted about 15 articles to various article directories, so getting back on track. Which is a good thing because having any extra week off my day job and going back today has already been pretty fraught, after Xmas it always is.

Sorting Out Your Work Schedule

Plus I’ve got a busy week anyway,what with my office post Xmas do and various meetings in the evening, my workload is pretty tight, so the end result will be limited time to spend on internet marketing, fortunately I have a small stock of blogposts in the bag so my blog will not suffer too much.

But here’s what I plan to try & get through this week, so if you like an action list for the week ahead. Now don’t hold me to it but I’ll try and do this on a weekly basis so you can see exactly what we are trying to achieve , how we get on and then at the end of the week what we’ve actually done, the trails and tribulations we’ve gone through

So here’s my planner for This Week:

Upload more articles to the article directories. My view is that as soon as Google has indexed a blog post and providing its suitable I’ll amend it slightly then upload to article directories

Write a minimum of three new blog posts. My top tip is to always have bank of blog posts so that when I do hit a busy week , with little time to write new material I still have content that can be added – important for the search engines

I need to re visit my auto responders and really get my head around a publishing plan and that means writing so more follow up I’m going to try & find the time to do.

I also need to be hitting some of the blogs and forums in the internet marketing field. I need to start doing some more research as to what info people are searching for and to get my name and site marketed.

Get Some ‘Quality’ Help & Advice Now

For us belonging to the Internet Marketing Review has been invaluable, published by the 2 Neil’s here in the UK its probably one of the longest running physical newsletters still going but with the on-line version as well including forum its a goldmine of information. . We’ve met some really helpful people on-line in the forum who are only too happy to comment on issues and problems and have even offered in the past to look over a new product brief before us getting really stuck in and give an opinion. For us it’s been a lifesaver. You get the newsletter on & off-line and the forum, and currently there’s a special trail offer – go check it out!

So all in all it should be a busy week, providing I can find the time to fit it all in, could be some late nights in store for me. Oh yes the other thing I plan to research is outsourcing some article writing including re-writes of some PLR articles – I’ve used

Some sites in the past but with mixed results. So I’m very keen to source a good, competitively priced site and develop some working relationships that can produce well written, unique content for me. I’ll let you know how I get on, because lets face it doing it all yourself .can be an issue.

By the way have you downloaded my

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So that’s my week mapped out, I hope you have your on plans and we’ll catch up later in the week, until then, to your success in your own on-line activities


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