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Hello there and a Happy New Year to everyone. For Sam & I the whole Xmas and New Year period has been really busy. Normally I use the Xmas break to really plan out my activity for the New Year, so that means sorting out our online activity- all our Internet marketing plans and information marketing aspirations, then our property portfolio and any other business activities I currently have going on.

2011 is a Key Year for Us

For 2011 Sam & I are determined to really devote serious time to our Internet marketing activity & make it our number one focus to generating sensible financial returns. That means sorting out our workload activity and most importantly as I’ve mentioned before our publishing schedule for our blogs and auto responders.

Unfortunately all my normal planning activity has been somewhat delayed for this year. Firstly I picked up a cold/flu virus on Xmas Eve which I’ve still got, 2 weeks on.

Disney Here We Come!

 But the most important factor was our Xmas present for our two children that we were all flying off to Orlando 2 days after Xmas day for a week – wow you should have seen their faces on Xmas morning when they opened the Walt Disney card. It was our first time and although our daughter is seventeen and our son’s fourteen, their excitement was just absolutely amazing to see.

Fortunately some friends of ours who are seasoned theme park visitors had agreed to come along as well so with their help we really got the most from our full-on week in Orlando.

But the really interesting bit about all this is, Its really not my kind of holiday, I was totally out of my comfort zone, if it hadn’t been for my friend Bob and Sam pushing me into it, we’d have probably not gone. But here’s the real thing – once there (all be it not feeling that well with my virus) I had the best time ever, it was truly magical and an absolutely terrific family holiday & experience.

Take Life Experiences & Use Them in Your Internet marketing Business

So the moral is get stuck in, let yourself be taken out of your comfort zone – for me it was the Hulk ride and the entire Harry Potter experience & rides all at Universal Studios & the firework display at Disney – truly awesome!! I was doing stuff I’d never thought I’d do or experience.

So push yourself in your Internet marketing activity, you need to get started, don’t put off getting stuck in – if you need a blueprint to follow we sincerely recommend the Internet Business Start Up Kit

You get a really useful start up kit manual, time management report, best niche market report Plus there’s more, resources CD, Blogging for beginners CD and 6 bonus CDs as well

Not only will it take you by the hand, step by step telling you want you need to know but more importantly what not to waste your time on. Learn at your own pace but believe me it’s a NO FAIL System providing you hang in there and work on your business systematically

A Tricky Area where I needed Help

For me it’s a case of devoting quality time for writing, and sometimes I find this element quite difficult, my mind goes totally blank.

Here’s how I get round this. I sat down and wrote a list of classifications or categories if you like and then areas within each of those categories that need to be covered. This means I’m never stuck for an idea or topic to cover. It’s tips and advice like this that you’ll pick up throughout the Business Start Up Kit that will really help you on your way.

So let’s all look forward to 2011 and our successes in all our Internet Marketing activities. As always we’d love to hear your own experiences and comments, until then….

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