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Positive Thinking Is An Essential Factor In Internet Marketing Success


When you’re an Internet marketer, there are lots of things to learn.  You’ve got technical stuff to master, like how to optimize your page for search engines.  You’ve got applications and software programs that you have to learn to use.  You may have to learn copywriting or web design.  But there’s an important thing that nobody ever teaches you, and it can make or break your Internet marketing career – positive thinking.

No, sitting there and thinking positive thoughts or repeating affirmations isn’t going to turn you into a successful online entrepreneur.  You still have to take action and DO things.  But where positive thinking really helps is when you encounter failure and difficulties.  At that point it can save your life.

Don’t Give Up

Internet marketing is a strange career choice and you often don’t get the support you need.  Your friends, family, spouse and other acquaintances may think you’re crazy because you’re trying to make money from the Internet.  They fear what they can’t understand.  You’re doing something new and unusual, and because there’s no roadmap, frustrations and difficulties along the way can totally derail you.

Positive thinking helps you bounce back from these difficulties.  When you focus on success, nothing can stand in your way.  Here are some positive thinking tips; turn them into habits and you’re halfway to success already.

Each Failure Is A Learning Experience

When you’re working online, there will be failures.  In fact, they may be daily and they can really hurt.  However, you can think positively and turn these failures into learning experiences.  This is how all of the gurus and big-name Internet marketers learned.

Positive Mind Control Gets Results

The key to positive thinking is to dispel negative thoughts.  You can do this pretty easily by simply identifying when you’re being negative, and replacing those thoughts with positive ones.  You can also recognize your negative thinking habits and what brings them on.

For example, let’s say that your car breaks down.  This is a frustrating experience that is in no way tied to your Internet marketing work.  But it can bleed over and infect other areas of your life.  It just takes one thing to set your day spiralling downward.

One way to stay positive is to be present in everything that you do.  When the car breaks down, deal with the car and don’t think about the work you have to do for work.  When you’re working online, forget about your lemon car that’s sitting in the shop costing you all the money you’re earning right now!

Avoid Negative People

You’ve got to combat negativity on two fronts – one is in your own mind; the other is in your life.  Avoid negative people like they’re infected with the plague.  In fact, negativity is contagious.  If you spend your time around people who don’t believe in themselves or you, that attitude will rub off on you.

Accept Any And All Challenges

Here’s a positive thinking tip that has really helped me out – when someone says you can’t do something, take that as a challenge.  Everyone who has ever achieved anything great has taken an attitude like this.  It’s a great way to deal with haters and nay-sayers.

Take Care Of Yourself

Your lifestyle also has a direct influence on the way you think.  If you don’t get enough sleep, don’t eat well, don’t exercise and have lots of unhealthy habits, this will bring you down.  Make sure you’re eating a balanced meal, sleeping enough and doing something other than staring at a computer screen.

Along with managing your lifestyle, make sure you have plenty of time to de-stress.  Stress is the main thing that makes people turn negative.  If you can get it under control, you can keep yourself positive.

To your success

Toby & Sam Russell


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