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Outsourcing Basics For Internet Marketers


Hi there and welcome back, in this post I just want to cover why you should, and in my opinion must be using outsourcing facilities in your online activities. Now I know what many of you reading this will immediately say – “I can’t afford it” and there maybe some truth in that but its all a case of priorities.

Now this might sound a bit harsh but please bear with me. We all have choices to make. Now are you serious about making it online? Ok if you’ve said yes then you’ll need to prove it by making some choices – look at it this way going out for a meal with your wife will probably set you back lets say $100 (a nice meal I mean not hamburger & fries!) – Now if you forgo that, that same $100 would probably get you 10 quality articles written for you.

Now look at what those articles will do for you now & in the future:

Content for your site/blog

Aticles to submit to article directories

Cut & paste auto responder messages

Cut & paste replies & posts on forums

That content has longevity, once those articles are syndicated across over time many other websites – the return on your initial $100 investment could be 100’s, possibly 1000’s of times the initial investment.

So I ask you this – which is the best investment?

Why Outsource?

Outsourcing is essential when you’re an Internet marketer.  Almost all Internet marketers outsource work to some degree.

For example, many of us don’t do our own web design; some copywriting is put out because these can be specialised skills. We may have some of these skills but it takes us longer to do the work because we are not as proficient at it as others.

In some instances we’d look to hire SEO experts especially if you’re a marketer with volume sites on the go, you might even outsource the management of some of them.

In this article, we’ll look at some tasks that are usually outsourced by marketers.

Niche Management

Lots of successful Internet marketers manage several niche sites at once.  With all of these campaigns going at once, it’s not feasible for them to manage all of their sites directly.  They’ll usually outsource at least some of the tasks involved in managing these sites to others.  By doing this, they have all of their time to focus on the overall vision and marketing strategy, and they don’t have to worry about the small stuff.

When outsourcing important management responsibilities, it’s essential to make sure you’re getting good help.  The person you outsource to must be honest and have a high level of integrity.  If not, they might steal your ideas or other sensitive information; make sure you have an effective contract in place.  But hey for those of you just starting out you’ll not need to worry about these issues just yet.

What’s The Best Tasks To Outsource For Beginners?

But even as a newbie it’s important to see the value of outsourcing as I hope I illustrated fairly graphically at the start of this article. Probably to begin with the best way and most useful is to outsource content writing.

Now a word of warning here don’t become totally reliant on outsourcing content writing – you need to be writing material yourself that’s a real MUST in my book –get the skills yourself but combine it with getting volume from using outsourcers.

Content Writing

Internet marketers must always do their own content writing as Ive just identified but there will be times when you need volume and/or it’s a subject you feel under qualified to write on.  For content purposes, all content needs to be impeccable, good English and highly effective.  You can’t skimp on quality even in the slightest.  It has to be perfect because it’s the first thing prospective customers will see. And consider this the content is used and can be re-used, edited down or up & therefore appear on your sites, sales pages, email newsletters, press releases, articles for marketing and e-Books. 

If you want to outsource content writing, make sure you find a writer with experience in SEO and good writing skills.  They need to have lots of experience writing for the web, and if they know your niche this also helps.  One reason why they need this experience is that they have to know how to use keywords in a way that’s both good for search engines and human readers.

Web Design

Web design is probably the most outsourced of all tasks because most webmasters simply can’t do it themselves.  It takes a whole set of skills which take time to learn.  Most marketers don’t want to be burdened with this, and it can be a barrier stopping them from just getting their campaign going.  Web design is something best left to pros. Ok for me I have some simple sites selling e-books and I use Xcite Pro to design them & that’s fine but for sophisticated sites you’ll possibly need more experience.

Like content, web design has to be created with SEO in mind.  There are lots of techniques for doing this and they’re constantly changing, so your web designer needs to know what’s hot and what’s not.  You need someone to keep your site up to date, so you should look for someone to work with long-term.

It’s very common to outsource all of these tasks.  You can find skilled freelancers on freelance sites all over the Internet.  You can see samples of their work and communicate with them before you hire them.  You can also hire them for a small job to start with before you give them a bigger job, like writing your e-Book or handling your site’s web design.

But hey whatever you do and even though you maybe a novice do get stuck in, try outsourcing some articles, just have a go – it’s a vital tool you need to be using

Toby Russell

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