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Newsflash! – Do You Use The Posterous Blogging Platform?



Hi there and welcome to a my first News related blogpost. What I shall be doing hopefully on a weekly basis is covering a timely news item from the week just gone on an internet marketing related subject, how it might affect your own internet marketing activity and what you need to be doing about it, so here goes ………

New Changes for San Francisco’s Posterous Blogging Platform 

March 16, 2012 – The social media guru Twitter has announced that there are big changes for San Francisco’s blogging platform known as “Posterous”, according to the Los Angeles Times. Twitter has taken Posterous over for an undisclosed amount as of Monday, March 12, 2012. The group responsible for the Posterous platform will now be contracted to assist Twitter with creating their own integrated blogging platform utilizing Posterous.

The site known as Posterous Spaces, which allows users to create, manage and post on their own blogs will not be removed or going anywhere according to Twitter representatives. This is especially good news for the 15 million bloggers currently operating live blogs on the site. During the transition, Posterous Spaces will have no disruption of service and bloggers are encouraged to keep up their blogs with the site. In the event Posterous Spaces does change its services, users can rest assured they will be given ample notice.

Posterous Spaces may be staying up and running, but Twitter representatives have also announced that the team responsible for creating Posterous will not be handling a project that allows Twitter and Posterous users the ability to share their blogs and tweets together through a mobile app, email and other Internet applications.

Posterous founder and CEO, Sachin Agarwal is not concerned with the purchase. In fact, according to a recent blog post on his own Posterous Spaces page, Agarwal thought of it as one of the “greatest days” of his entire life. Posterous is excited about the buyout, especially because Twitter and Posterous appear to have the same goal in mind – sharing information through social networking, blogging and mobile applications.

About Posterous Spaces

Posterous Spaces was created in 2008 in the Silicon Valley Y Combinator with just $15,000 seed money funding. Founder and CEO of Posterous, Sachin Argwal left Stanford University in 2002 with a degree and computer science and since then has strived to create a one-of-a-kind blogging platform that others could not hold a candle to. Argwal, a former employee of Apple, is excited for the transition into Twitter since he sees many similarities between the Apple operation and that of Twitter.

So what does this mean for Twitter users? As of right now Twitter does not have plans to make Posterous integrated completely into the Twitter platform, however users on Posterous and Twitter will be able to link their accounts if necessary. As to whether or not Twitter plans on making their own blogging platform and when that will be; only the representatives of Posterous and Twitter will know. Twitter has, however, released information stating they are interested in forming their own blogging platform, but as to whether or not that will be directly through Posterous Spaces or on their own, it has yet to be announced.

Posterous Spacers can keep on blogging, Twitter users can keep on tweeting and both services will start working hand in hand to change the way blogging and social networking are played out for internet users to come.

Ok that’s it for now, hope you’ve liked my newsy blogpost and found it interesting, until the next time

Toby Russell


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