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My Top Twitter Apps – Part II – For Twitter Marketing Success


Hi and welcome back to part II of my key list of Twitter apps that you simply should consider using with your Twitter marketing to reap the rewards you want. If you didn’t see my last post flip back and read that first because today’s are a continuation of my top 11 apps for Twitter marketing success.

Social Oomph

Social Oomph is another all-in-one package that’s not just for Twitter but also for all of your social media accounts.  The best thing about Social Oomph is how it helps you manage your broadcast messages, especially its welcome message. 

You can use it to save and manage messages and schedule broadcasts.  It’s sort of like Aweber for Twitter.  It also auto-follows, tracks keywords, shows stats and more.


Formulists is especially handy if you’re a niche site owner with multiple lists.  You can organize your followers into different lists, which you can easily edit and delete.  It also gives you list-specific updates. 

The tracking features of Formulists are also nice.  They track your network, update you about the latest trends in your niche, and also let you track competition.  You can also use Formulists to find targeted people to follow.

TweetAttacks Pro

TweetAttacks is another software program that gets you targeted followers, and TweetAttacks Pro is its latest version.  This is an excellent tool for link-building and it can get you more followers than others because it’s not on the Twitter API (Twitter has an upper limit to how many you can get per day).

It has all the scheduling and organizing options that you’d expect as well.  One of the best tools that TweetAttacks offer is that it weeds out all of the bots and other fake followers so that you have a list of only real human beings.


Twylah is a unique app.  It creates something kind of like a Facebook fan page for you.  It also automatically creates landing pages and sends your followers there.  This is called ‘Power Tweet.’  Like many marketers, I don’t use Twitter for direct selling and I don’t think it gets great direct conversions; I stick to list building with it.  But if you’re trying to sell directly, this is an essential tool.

You can also use Twylah to split your followers into different categories for multiple marketing campaigns.


Tweet Spinner is a tool that helps you organize and manage things.  This includes scheduling, de-spamming your inbox, archiving and things like that.  It also lets you track followers and monitor statistics.

Facebook’s Twitter Plug-In

Finally, I have to mention Facebook’s Twitter plug-in.  This is a great tool that sends your Facebook updates straight to your Twitter followers as well.  It kills two birds with one stone and removes one more mundane task from your day.  You can also use it to send tweets to your Facebook page.

Lots of these programs do similar things and everybody has their favourite.  I recommend trying out free trials before you buy (some are free anyway and some so ridiculously cheap you can just get a month subscription).  See what works for you.  As I said, it all depends on what you’re doing with Twitter.  Some apps are better for list-building, some for selling, and some for organizing.

Well I hope you implementing at least some of these apps into your Twitter campaigns after all the more you can automate the more time you have for developing other areas of your marketing strategy.

Good luck

Toby & Sam Russell


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