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My Top Five Reasons For Outsourcing Some of Your Internet Marketing Tasks


Hi there now I know you might be just starting out but it’s still just worth looking at using outsourcing and it should be something worth considering in your day-to-day Internet marketing business. So in today’s post my top 2 reasons, I’ll cover why you should be considering outsourcing and the benefits you’ll see, and then tomorrow you’ll get the remaining 3 reasons why outsourcing is a must.

You’ll no doubt ask yourselves some of the following questions:  Is it rights for me? Can I afford it? Should I try and afford it and is it too early on in my Internet marketing career? Well let’s start off by looking at why individuals and companies have used outsourcing for many years now and why even though the whole internet marketing area maybe somewhat daunting to you currently – you should and dare I say must consider outsourcing right at the outset.

Why Consider it Now?

For lots of Internet marketers, outsourcing is the way to get the job done. But many shy away from it believing the costs outweigh the advantages – well I tell you now Sam, my wife & I have outsourced many jobs from article writing to e-book creation from very early on and the bottom line is it actually makes you more productive especially if you put out the jobs you love to hate – they are the ones that take you longer to complete and therefore make you less productive – so think on you know it makes sense.

Originally, companies started outsourcing in order to cut manufacturing costs.  They would outsource menial tasks to places overseas where their dollars could buy more and cheaper labour. Naturally by paying lower labour & therefore production costs, they could make more profit. 

This approach to outsourcing is still massively popular and you only have to look at the growth in many far eastern economies, China in particular which is primarily due to cost control outsourcing on a massive scale.

What Are The Key Advantages?

1. Sourcing Knowledge I Don’t Possess

However the outsourcing approach used by many Internet marketers right now, is done for slightly different reasons to the above. For many who are developing online businesses in niches that they may not be totally familiar with it makes sense to out source writing and product creation to someone who has good knowledge and experience of that specialised niche.

Cutting and controlling costs is still an advantage, but the main advantage is that the Internet allows us to work with anyone anywhere in the world.  We can use it to find a wider range of professionals with specific knowledge and expertise to get tasks done quickly and very efficiently makes sense doesn’t it.

2. Sourcing Skills I Don’t Have

The original reason as already identified for outsourcing was to save money on labour costs.  This is still a huge advantage to outsourcing work that can be done elsewhere.  Some tasks are costly and time consuming to do in-house especially if your skills don’t stretch to say coding, programming or web design. 

For example, if you need ongoing web design help to keep your site current and up to date, and for developing new sites, squeeze pages, landing pages etc and for many small companies, it’s not economically feasible to hire a full-time web designer.  Instead, hire a freelancer to do it as and when you need that specific skill set.

Experts On-Call – When You Need Them

When you hire freelancers to do work for you, it’s like having experts on-call.  You’ve got all of your service provider’s on-hand whenever you need them.  This gives your company a whole host of new opportunities that you didn’t have before.  You’re no longer limited by what you can do.

Ok that’s Part 1 done, watch out for tomorrow’s post when I’ll cover off the remaining 3 reasons why outsourcing some tasks really does make sound business sense

Toby & Sam

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