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Link Building Strategies Part 2


Hi and welcome back to part 2 of my essential guide to developing a successful link building strategy. Now I really hope you understood my points from yesterday and the way I described the power and effectiveness of links and how we use links (al be it we don’t necessarily call them that in every day life) every day.

Think Links

After all what your after is other people and sites saying they like what you’re doing and rate it that’s why they link to you – simple!! So here we go with 4 more key steps to follow on a preferably daily but certainly regular basis – & remember whatever marketing/promotion you are doing for your blog or site – Think Links!!

Just for a moment think just how powerful all of this is – think of the really successful, inspirational people in the world – most if not all use links (some will call it networking) to further their businesses, careers etc. The old adage ‘its not what you know but who you know’ is about linking with the right people.

Here’s A ‘Live’ Example

Only today there I was, sitting at work, I’d been offered an investment property to buy, great deal but I need to get a mortgage, now unfortunately mortgages here in the UK are a bit thin on the ground and although this deal is good, it needs the right mortgage package to make it stack up. My normal broker is away and his assistant couldn’t really help me.

Then I had a brainwave another contact deals with several brokers, so I pick up the phone, call him, explain and one quick email later & I have his broker on the phone to me – now my friends that’s linkage working. My contact knows me well, he knows I won’t mess his broker about – so a recommendation helps everyone – understand?

Ok so here we go with my next 4 key strategies

1. Another way to get one-way link is to search for industry specific search directories and submit your websites to them. There are search directories that are tailored for specific industries e.g. Travel. Getting listed on these directories may be free or at a fee, so you’ll have to decide the worth if you need to pay for it.

2.Create e-books and short reports. When you create e-books and short reports, these can be given away free on the Internet through your website or other avenues. If the e-book has high quality information within it (e.g. Quick hints and tips), you can attract a lot of one-way links over time. You also have the opportunity of a really good report possibly going viral; being passed on to others, friends etc. To achieve that objective, you should include your website on the pages of the e-book or report and in bed links within the text.

3.Use videos. Video is a great way to get one-way links to your site. A good video will move around very fast over the Internet. Many Website owners often take an already created video and embed it in their own site to add content and improve the overall design and look.

4.If you have a website that is good and you are confident that it will appeal to other website owners in a similar niche as yours, you can approach them and ask to have your link included in their site. However, the reason why this method should not always be relied on is that most times than not they will demand a reciprocal link, now this can be ok but unfortunately human nature being what it is people don’t always keep their promises, so just a head ups there.

Top Tip -Also search engines especially Google frown on sites with too many reciprocal links. Therefore, although back links are good, if the basis of the link is always reciprocal, it might not achieve the desired purpose and can actually damage your rankings if you are not careful.

Hope this information helps to get you started with your own link building strategies, its important for your online success so don’t sweat it do a bit at a time and slowly but surely it will build.

Leave a comment or question – Remember no question is stupid only the one that’s never asked!

Toby & Sam


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