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Learn The Basics Of Off-Page SEO For Great Traffic Results


Hi and welcome back to Part 3 of my Mini Series covering SEO Tips For Beginners and today we’ll cover Off-Page SEO and hopefully you’ll see how important it is to get both on & off page SEO working in harmony together to get the results you need.

It Can Be Confusing At First – But Stick With It!

Now a word of caution here don’t get wrapped up in the fancy terms, on-page, off-page etc etc just read through all the posts in my SEO for Beginners Week when they have concluded in a couple of days & hopefully it will all start to fit together & make sense. If you’re not sure about something drop me an email & I’ll try & help.

2 Areas – Both Important

Most people don’t know that there are two different categories of SEO strategies.  There are two broad categories of what Google thinks is the most important. 

1.  Everything inside your website (a.k.a. On-Page SEO)

 2. Everything outside your website (a.k.a. Off-Page SEO)

 Where Importance Lies

Ironically, Google places more importance on things outside your website (Off-Page SEO).  It’s based on how many other websites point to yours.  That’s basically how they measure the popularity of your website.  However, don’t think that means you can ignore the inside of your website.  You have to do both of these well because they depend on each other.

The problem is that you could spend your entire life building the best website and not make any money online.  Some people are left scratching their heads because they don’t know it is important to work outside their website.

What To Do Outside Your Website (Off-Page SEO)

Let’s start with what you can do outside your website.  Starting here is important for beginners because they often know nothing about increasing their popularity. 

There is a secret key to increasing your popularity online.  It is known as a “link.”  When other websites “link” to yours, it’s basically counted as a vote.  The more links you have, the greater your popularity.  But wait!  It’s not that simple.  Some votes carry more weight than others do. 

Think about it.  If 200 strangers told you about the most life-changing website, you might someday get around to checking it out.  But what if your most-trusted friend told you how it changed their life?  You might give that one friend’s “vote” more importance than 200 strangers, right?

Google works the same way.  They trust some sources better than others.  Getting the votes, or “links,” of trusted sources does much more for you.  Luckily for all of us, Google has a system for assigning trust.  They simply give websites a rating on a scale of 1 to 10. 

Page Rank & Why It Matters

Those with a score of 10 are the most trusted.  Some newer sites may have a score of 0, but that doesn’t mean Google distrusts them.  It only means they haven’t been around long enough to establish trust yet.  If Google doesn’t trust a website, they will simply remove it from their results.

Google calls their trust system “page rank.”  If you were to get links from a handful of the most-trusted sources, it would place you at the top of Google much faster than 1000 links from “strangers.” 

In practice, it’s not as easy as getting a few page rank 10 (PR10) websites to link to you.  Most page rank 10 websites are very fussy about who they vote for.  It can take a lot of work and time before you could ever earn a link from them. 

Instead, your work is to get links from other websites all over the Internet.  Typically, a few hundred links is a good start.  You want to get them from page rank 2 (PR2) to page rank 6 (PR6) websites.  Of course, you also want to get some page rank 7 through 10 if you can.  However, expect those to take more work than the others.

Get Links & More Links

Once you have enough votes, you’ll see your website climbing towards the top of Google’s search results.  Then, more people will find you because you’re at the top.  Ultimately, SEO is designed to bring more visitors to your website so they can buy from you.  Now you know how it’s done!

Simple?? Well yes it is really, just don’t get overwhelmed and believe me I know how easy it is for that to happen. Take it piece by piece, do it and you’ll soon find it comes as almost second nature. Finally don’t miss the last part of the jigsaw Part 4 – Keywords in a couple of days, until then ….

Toby & Sam Russell

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