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Learn From Your Internet Marketing Blunders


Hello Toby here, hope all your online internet marketing activities are progressing and if you’ve been reading my blog for a while that some of the pointers I’ve given you have helped in their own small way to help your online business get ahead, please feel free to let me know.

Internet marketing is by no means a precise science and we all get the kick-backs of getting really excited before launching a new product and then the slap comes – it bombs, flat lines. Blimey that feeling of utter frustration and wasted effort just does your head in. Certainly for Sam & I it’s happened and that’s why I written this post to just re-enforce the point …..

Don’t Dwell Negatively On Your On line Flops Or Failures.

Yep it’s a toughie. Many people are already pre-conditioned to dwell on their own personal failures in life. But you need to develop a system of working through, and more importantly, past them.

It’s all about your mindset and taking action. When you start on a project and providing the research indicates a ‘live’ one your mindset has to be totally committed to bring it to market, hence the excitement. If then for whatever reason it flat lines you have to be of a mindset to accept and want to discover what went wrong and why. Yea its obvious I know but you see many people who are so ‘sure’ of success they can’t accept that the failure might have anything to do with them.

For us bellowing to the Internet Marketing Review has been invaluable in this kind of situation. We’ve met some really helpful people online in the forum who are only too happy to comment on issues and problems and have even offered in the past to look over a new product brief before us getting really stuck in and give an opinion. For us it’s been a lifesaver. You get the newsletter on & offline and the forum, and currently there’s a special trail offer – go check it out!

Postmortems are vital

Sound pretty unpleasant but here goes – go back to your research, in many instances if you revisit with a clear mind you’ll suddenly have a light bulb moment and discover where the problem was and whether or not it can be fixed

But whatever you do – don’t beat yourself up & Move on!

If you have an idea, convert it into an information product, service, or piece of software, and it fizzles out, then just get started working on your next project. It’s really no bigger a deal than what you yourself make it out to be. In a few weeks time, others will forget all about the dud of a product you released when they see your next one, which will be bigger and better than the last, right? 😉

Now that’s the spirit!

Top Tip

Remember in most instances everyone has had setbacks, that what helps us all learn and ensures that you move your Internet marketing activity ahead.

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Until the next time …..

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