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Is Article Marketing Dead?


How’s your article writing coming on?

For Sam my wife and I article marketing is an area of Internet marketing that we’ve done for many years now. It takes time and commitment but the longer-term benefits are obvious – no doubt. Talk to successful Internet marketers and I’d put money on it that 99% of them use article marketing extensively and reckon it’s a vital part of the overall Internet marketing strategy.

In fact I’ve heard several comment if there was one thing they should have done more of, got into earlier its article marketing. However there have been many comments that article marketing is dead well even after the latest Google algorithm change (better known as Panda) and the slap that gave to even some of the most established article directories – article marketing has probably still stood the test of internet marketing time better than any other strategy or technique.

Quality Is King Believe Me

However listen up its all about quality content – deliver value and useful, unique content and you have nothing to fear from the search engines, Google included. Write ‘me too’ content & you’ll get slapped.

But even for us there’s still the times when it’s not that easy to just crank out yet another article, especially when its late, my brain’s tired but my schedule tells me I need to. There’s many a time that my mind just stops and I think what can I write about, what’s going to make it interesting – I bet you know what I mean, answer me the following question….

Are you the type of person who considers writing articles ” real hard work?”  Most of us do at some point.  It’s only natural after all the end of term and exam papers we had to do for school.

How To Get Your Articles Read

 But have you ever considered what it must be like reading an articles etc for your work? As a school teacher, examiner etc and the really dull, hard going stuff you must have to read? Blimey that’s likely to be really bad news.  You know what its like – go into the loft and find some of your old school books and coursework – try reading that and see how you get on, and then think there’s a lesson to be learnt there, if your current writing has not moved on much from high school, then you really need to consider my 6 tips for simple & effective article creation which I’ll cover in my post tomorrow.

Learn From Others – Both Good & Bad

Take time out and read some articles both on and offline -Some are so dull and plod along so aimlessly that it seems like a task just getting to the bottom of them. 

The whole point of an article is that it should get read.  It shouldn’t feel like a chore. It should enthuse; convey useful information in an engaging fashion that just makes you want to read more & more.

Avoid Being ‘Boring’

Boring writing styles can be avoided by writing articles that are easy to read.  This doesn’t mean that they lack substance or that they don’t deliver top notch content; it just means they flow from beginning to end.  There are some simple techniques for doing this, and once you get them down pat, you never have to think about them.  They just become if you like second nature.

Before we get into the 6 techniques tomorrow I’m going to cover, remember that the key to good article writing is authority.  If you know what you’re talking about, you can get as creative and loose with it as you want to.  Building a sense of authority and offering something of value will get you readers always. Now how do you do this if it’s a niche you’re not familiar with – research is absolutely key and the internet is the place to do that or if all else fails you could outsource it to a writer with expert knowledge but then and this is vital add your own slant to it – make it your own, personalise it. For more details on the advantages of outsourcing check out other posts here.

Ok that’s it for today, but watch out for tomorrow when I’ll reveal my 6 Top Tips to make sure your articles get read and achieve to click throughs and syndication they deserve, until then.

Get involved and leave a comment – By doing so you’ll be helping yourself & others

Toby & Sam Russell

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  1. Darrance says:

    The forum is a brighter place thanks to your posts. Thanks!

  2. Skip says:

    I had no idea how to approach this before-now I’m locked and loaded.

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