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Internet Marketing Success – Avoid The Information Overload Trap



There’s no business that suffers quite so much from information overload as Internet marketing. Understandably because of technology starting out online means you have to get to grips with 1} the internet and all the techi stuff that surrounds that but then b} you need to understand marketing and then apply that to the internet bit – blimey that’s a vicious circle, my head’s spinning already!

But seriously I’m sure you get my point, bottom line is …..

Don’t Overload Yourself On Trying To Find Every Little Bit Of Information On A Topic.

“Information overload” my friend you don’t need that headache I assure you. The problem is it only sets you back instead of propelling you forward.  The end result you get frustrated, don’t concentrate on any one task properly, have loads of unfinished ‘bits’ laying around that just increase the level of frustration still more.

Get Organised Now

Accept that there’s no way you’ll get to know every little detail, and you don’t need to – break it down into the 2 elements above

A} Internet

Try & get comfortable with enough techie stuff to get you started – no more, no less

B} Marketing

Let me tell you this is the key area – there’s loads of c**p websites out there making a fortune because the marketing is superb. So if you want my advice split your available time 33% gain internet skills 66% lean marketing – its that simple

Top Tip

Get yourself a starter kit with dedicated action plan that will positively help you to overcome the knowledge gaps you’ll undoubtedly have. For us as I said before it was a chance meeting with 2 guys from the UK, they are best known as the ‘2 Neils’ and although they have a whole range of products developed over their10 plus years of internet marketing, if there’s one product you need and we wouldn’t be without it’s the Internet Business Start Up Kit

You get a really useful start up kit manual, time management report, best niche market report Plus there’s more, resources CD, Blogging for beginners CD and 6 bonus CDs as well

Not only will it take you by the hand, step by step telling you want you need to know but more importantly what not to waste your time on. Learn at your own pace but believe me it’s a NO FAIL System providing you hang in there and work on your business systematically

Plus start your education for FREE !

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The simple fact of the matter is, some of the best information product authors learn from their own experiences and not from just what they read. They take action with the information their brains are processing. They don’t go on the hunt for more just to make sure that what they already read was correct.

Remember only mentally digest those things you need to know at the specific moment in time you need to know them. Don’t try to get every existing bit of available information on the subject. You could be reading for a long time!

Plus information overload also leads to mental paralysis as well. You end up with so much going on in your brain, your brain just shuts down and you find you can’t for a while achieve anything. Concentrate on the job in hand, finish it and then move on to the next task.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and we’d love to hear your comments, till then

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Toby & Sam

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    What a great resource this text is.

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    Glad I’ve finally found something I agree with!

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