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Internet Marketing Gurus – See Through The Hype


Hi all, this really follows on from a previous post, in internet marketing its really vital you follow the RIGHT internet marketing expert or info publishing guru especially when you’re just starting out online. Starting an Internet marketing business you need expert help & guidance and as I’ll cover later use the Internet marketing community to assess the gurus out there.

Just Because An Internet Marketer Is Someone “Well Known” Doesn’t Always Mean They Are Right and most importantly right for you.

Let me explain, a few years back Sam & I attended an internet marketing seminar, and one of the speakers was a very high profile ‘household name’ guru in the internet marketing field – everyone raved about him, his ability, his iconic rags to riches story etc.

Ok we thought this will be really good. Well 10 minutes into it and I almost had to physically stop Sam walking out, the guy was aggressive, full on and we felt quite rude. Now my point is, there’s no doubting his credentials, his success etc but for us we could have no more been mentored by him then fly to the moon.

A very important point to be aware of this one, he was Wrong for us. Everyone who believes himself or herself an Internet marketing “guru” will always believe that their own brand of “methodology” is the correct one. Not always the case. It doesn’t matter if they’ve studied a particular subject for 20 years; in many instances it’s the method they deliver it and if that doesn’t suit you it won’t work.

And some of these so-called “gurus” are self-proclaimed as such. Meaning, they dub themselves a guru in their chosen field. And out of those, half of them are probably, and most likely newbie’s, just like you & me! Talk about coming out of left field!! Again go back, make sure the people you are listening to are the real deal, check them out, talk to other Internet marketers, make sure your following those who are ‘doing it’ successfully.

Top Tip – make sure the Internet marketing Expert or Guru you choose is RIGHT for you, after all their advice will cost, so you need to be able to communicate and feel comfortable with them

So my advice, take it all with a grain of salt. Everyone is in this business to in effect make a name for themselves and recruit their own little cult of “followers”.

I’m not telling you not to listen, just to be choosy at what, and who, you are listening to that is providing you with this information, and of course, what amount of that information you are implementing into your on line business.

Top Tip

Again research is the key, visit the forums, talk to people at seminars and most definitely some of the speakers you’ll no doubt come across – relationships are as in all walks of life vital. If you meet someone who you like, believe you’ll be able to trust and the information they can provide fits your current needs then dip your toe in the water with them, buy an entry level product, work through it, ask for support-is it quick? Does it work? Will they communicate with you? – Then and only then when your satisfied that their product and customer service is top-notch use them for further learning information, which will aid you, money-making efforts.

An entry level product that we have certainly found ‘ticks all the boxes’ is the Internet Business Start Up Kit – now I make no apology for pushing this again because if you haven’t checked it out yet, you’re missing a trick – period.

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