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Internet Marketing – Lean The Basics Before Outsourcing


Hi when we first started out, went to some internet marketing seminars and workshops and suddenly you realize just how lacking your knowledge is both on the techie side and in some instances running an online internet business generally

And I tell you what frustrated both Sam & I was all these gurus saying we’ take you step by step’ kind of thing and then talking about FTPing, uploading to your server etc when in those days we didn’t have a clue.

So much so we signed up for one on one mentoring but you know what why does that little problem always raise its ugly head at 1am in the morning when you’re dog tired, the online help has all gone home and you’re left there to try & struggle through.

I hated that time, with a passion but then I realized every cloud does have a silver lining and you …

Do need to Try To Do What You Can For Your On line Business By Yourself.

A lot of Internet Marketers are going to disagree with me on this one. But, to really learn every aspect of running your own on line business, you need to at least make an effort to learn what is involved in the process.

Yes, some marketers believe that you should “out source” a variety of your on line business “jobs”, but if you don’t first do these yourself, how will you know for sure that the person you selected as your “out source” outlet will be doing what he or she needs to?

Realistically, you won’t. Plus, you need to be sure you’re not getting “ripped off” and the out sourcer isn’t overpricing you for the services you require them for.

Top Tip

Nothing beats a “do it yourself” education to help you gain experience. And, it’ll give you something interesting to write about too!

But it also helps to have some learning ‘How do I” manuals at hand to refer to when that silly problem occurs. For us it’s the Internet Business Start Up Kit produced by our 2 friends, the ‘2 Neils’ – the manual has become my constant companion, and if it doesn’t tell me how to overcome a problem, it certainly points me in the right direction to get the answers I need.

Learn at your own pace but believe me it’s a NO FAIL System providing you hang in there and work on your business systematically

Believe me both Sam & I have learnt this lesson the hard way – we outsourced some article writing based around a set of keywords, well what came back was absolute rubbish, after going back for 3 re-writes we agreed to pay a reduced ‘what they were worth’ fee & still had to end up re-writing them. So we’d wasted time, lost money and taken up more time having to re-write ourselves

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Toby & Sam

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