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How To Work Yahoo Answers For Massive Traffic


Hi now today I want to talk about Yahoo Answers. Now when Sam & I fist heard about this we went and tried it and got very little back, in fact lots of people say that Yahoo Answers and other answer sites aren’t great for getting traffic. We then sat back, did a bit of research and spoke to some Internet marketers who we know and trust and started to use the same techniques that we’ll share with you today. So I say that these folks who it hasn’t worked for – you must be doing something wrong., read on ….

It’s true that the quality of backlinks from Yahoo Answers may not be the best.  And they’re ‘nofollow’ which means that the Google spiders won’t crawl them.  But using Yahoo Answers as part of your SEO strategy has one other huge benefit – it helps you establish authority in your niche.  It may not boost you in the SERPs, but it gives you highly targeted traffic – in other words, people who will buy. 

And if your answers are good, they can show up at the top of the SERPs.  That’s the key – providing useful, relevant answers to people’s questions.

How Yahoo Answers Works

The system is really simple.  People ask questions and you answer them.  Your answers are informative and high quality, and at the end is a link back to your site.  When folks are looking for specific information online, they’ll find the question in the search engine.  When they read your helpful and authoritative answer, they’ll click on the link to see what else you’ve got.

The first step is to create a Yahoo account if you don’t already have one.  Then, get onto Yahoo Answers and search it for questions that pertain to your niche.  The search function uses keywords just like a search engine, so try looking for the keywords that you’re targeting.  You can also search by category but it takes a bit longer to find relevant questions.

When you find relevant questions that you can answer, give them your best.  The asker gets to choose which answer was the most helpful and you want it to be yours.  You can also get thumbs ups, Facebook likes and comments.  Forget about the backlink – you get to build web cred; and yes, people do read the answers you provide, so you can get traffic there too!

Advanced Search

It helps quite a bit if you used ‘advanced search.’  Choose to see only ‘open’ questions.  These are the ones that haven’t been answered yet (‘closed’ questions have been answered, so there’s no point in looking at them).

You can also use advanced search to look for questions by date.  If it’s a recent question that was just asked a day or two ago, you can be the first to answer it.

Getting To Level 2

There’s only one tricky thing: When you first start using Yahoo Answers, you can’t leave a clickable link.  If you want, you can submit your URL in text format, but don’t expect anybody to click it on.  If it’s not easily clickable, people will move on to somewhere else. 

In order to leave a clickable link, you have to be ‘Level 2’ and you get there by answering a total of 250 questions.  It sounds like a hassle, but it’s not that hard to do at all.  You can get your question count up by answering questions in any niche whatsoever; they don’t have to be relevant to your niche.  And your answers don’t have to be chosen as the best; just answer 250 random questions and you’re ready for the next level.

One way around this is to hire someone from and have them answer a bunch of questions for you.  Since the topic doesn’t matter, just let them answer whatever they want.  But make sure they don’t leave any obnoxious, spammy or totally worthless answers because they’ll be using your account.

How To Level-Up Even More

What if you don’t find enough questions in your niche?  Or what if you’ve used them all up and then some?  Well, here’s a cool way to game Yahoo Answers.  But you’ve got to be really careful or your account will be suspended.

Create several accounts and have them ask questions in your niche.  Then, log in as yourself and answer them!  Again, this is something you can outsource if you don’t want to take the time to do it yourself.  And outsourcing it might be good because your outsourcees will have different IP addresses than yours.

You can also use your own content to come up with questions easily.  Look at your articles, blog posts, etc., and take any statement out of them.  Turn it into a question, and you’re ready to go.  You don’t have to bother racking your brain trying to think of a whole slew of things to ask.

Tips On Using Yahoo Answers

– Stick to your topic or niche.  Don’t go all over the map answering all kinds of questions because the whole point is to build authority in your topic.

– If you’re going to do multiple niches, create multiple profiles.

– Use keyword research to find or create questions.  Look for low competition keywords because Yahoo Answers questions show up in the SERPs.

–   Don’t stop with Yahoo Answers; check out, AOL Answers, and Amazon’s Askville as well.

To your continued success

Toby & Sam Russell

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