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How To Use Hubpages For Massive Traffic Generation


Hi there over the next few posts that Sam & I will do on this blog we want to cover some other SEO activities you really should be using because as I’ve said time and time again its all about making use of as many of the internet marketing strategies and opportunities out there. Don’t just rely on one or two use them all – “little & often” is our method – and I kid you not it works!

Old & Established – But Not Forgotten
Hub pages are one of the oldest Web 2.0 sites and you can still use it to get tons of traffic to your site. It’s all a matter of using it effectively as part of your overall traffic strategy. And also, making sure you follow their rules and don’t get your account suspended!

Basically, you can use Hubpages to put more content out there and establish your authority. Your hubs offer another entryway back to your site. Some people have used Hubpages to power their website empire and snag serious amounts of traffic.

Article Marketing On Steroids
It’s basically like article marketing in overdrive! You’re probably aware of Ezine Articles? Well, Hubpages offers the same concept but cranked up a bit.

First of all, you can put anchor texts in your article that link back to your site, or anywhere else you’d like them to go. Ezine Articles doesn’t allow that. You have to be careful though because they only let you include 2 per article. They also have strict guidelines about what they consider link spamming.

Satisfy Google’s Cravings
Second, like Ezine Articles, Hubpages gets great Google juice. If you write hubs that are high quality and targeted to specific keywords, they’ll turn up at the top of Google’s search results.

Toby’s Top Tip
Lots of people making hubs in lots of niches don’t take advantage of keywords like they should, so you can really use them to your advantage! Note: Make sure your keyword research is spot on guys.

Now, every so often Google gives sites what it considers content farms a pretty serious smack down. Marketers debate endlessly about whether Hubpages still has the clout it used to have with the Big G. However, it’s a fact that hubs still get more Google love than almost all article directories and other places you can put content.

Monetising Your Hubs
You can also make money directly from using Hubpages. They have a revenue sharing system where they put AdSense ads on your hub. When they get clicked, you get paid obviously. They also offer affiliate networks with Amazon, eBay and other online merchants. Some people swear that they get huge money from this, but most will tell you it’s a couple of dollars here and there. Still, it’s another nice bonus and another income stream.

Are Hubpages worth it or not?
Think about it? Another entryway to your site on a high ranking directory, 2 direct anchor text links, and some chump change coming in from ads. It’s pretty well worth a try I reckon don’t you?

But as I mentioned already, they’ve gotten the smack down from Google a number of times. This means that they’ve gotten stricter on their editorial guidelines, so read them carefully. This is no joke? DO it.

Lots of marketers have seen their hubs disappear and accounts get suspended with no email notice or anything. That’s a cheap and annoying way for Hubpages to work, but it’s their site and they can do as they like, so make sure you know the rules. Plus if you monitor your activity you’ll probably know where you’ve gone wrong and why you’ve been slapped!

One downside is that the content you put there has to be original. That’s one way they’ve survived the Google changes. It’s a bit of a pain for lots of folks, but look at it this way you should be creating original content that’s the absolute key to online success anyway and it ensures that Hubpages stays on Google’s good side. Which means high rankings in the search engine giant.

Keep an eye open for my next post covering other Web 2.0 Resources that you must be adding to your internet marketing arsenal – coming soon

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