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How To Turn Your Website’s Traffic Into Money


Hi I guess most of you reading this are no different to Sam & I, we have seen the opportunity of developing a business online and either changing our lifestyle and/or just making some extra cash, but one of the problems is as the internet expands more & more people are coming online.

Getting that “First” Sale

In the last few years, it’s true to say the number of people making money online has increased greatly.  However what this also means is that you’ve got more people trying to get a piece of the pie.  In order to stay ahead of the competition, you’ll have to take advantage of every method available to turn traffic into money.

I don’t know we all hear about those that have stumbled on a method that results in a ‘rags to riches’ online overnight success storyline and are now making mega bucks, but certainly we’ve found what it takes is consistent work, developing a name in whatever niche you’re in and after a while the sales start to come in.

I tell you I can distinctly remember when we got our first sales online – what a terrific feeling someone out there had actually parted with their hard earned cash to buy one of our e-books – wow! That was an awesome feeling that stays with you forever! Ok it wasn’t crack open the champagne money but it was a start and most importantly its tells you – “Yes I Can do this”

What’s Your Goal from your Internet Marketing Activity?

While most of us love our niche and enjoy our work, let’s just admit that the bottom line is making money.   Sometimes it takes a long time before you start to see profits from your hard work, but if you’ve got the drive to succeed, you’ll stay the course, and this is the key, certainly we have had a number of false starts, doing a bit then packing up for a while & coming back to it – its about staying the course and having faith that by doing so it will come good. For Sam & I now this is the year, we are devoting significant time on a weekly basis and being consistent

Get ‘Real’ Over Traffic

Traffic is the core basic of making any money online.  Traffic are your customers, and without customers you don’t make sales.  Every visitor to your site is another person who gets to see what your offering.  The more people visit your site and have a look, the higher your chance of monetizing it.

The whole point of starting an online business is to see a profit.  You’ve put your money and hard work into it, and you want to be repaid.  If you’ve got lots of steady traffic, you increase your chances of seeing that money.  The way to make money online is to monetize this traffic.

Monetizing With Advertising

One way to monetize is with advertising.  There’s advertising called PPC, or pay per click advertising. Go over and check out Google Adsense, sign up for a free account, this works on the basis that Google put ads on your page that advertise similar products or services.  When one of your visitors clicks on this link, you get paid a commission by Google, The amount you get paid is very small, but it can be enough to provide a steady stream of income if A} you get a huge amount of traffic and B} you have a number of sites.

Google Adsense some few years ago was massive with many successful high profile internet marketers make a fortune, now its not quite what it was but there’s still many internet marketers doing very nicely thank you very much – consider it as just one of the methods to monetize your site and its traffic

Stop & Consider This First

A word of caution here though, don’t confuse your visitor – if you really want them to join your list then that should be the primary function of your site. The more opportunities a visitor has to click away from the ‘main opportunity’ of your site, the less chance they’ll sign up to you list if that’s the ‘primary function’ – so consider this before going the route of adsense.

So look at my site It’s function is to offer credible unique content to people starting out, I want visitors to join my list – that’s it, so for me I don’t want the distraction of Google adsense.

But here’s one of my adsense sites  – it’s a totally different kind of site. (Opps it also needs some work on it – note to Sam we need to put this on our schedule of “works to do”)

key to making money with PPC is to have lots of traffic but it must also be targeted.  You need to use every method available to get back links and raise your sites rank in the search engines.  You’ll also have to have valuable content that will keep people coming back for more.  Then, when you put ads that are relevant to your niche on your site, you can get paid when people click on them.

Ok so that’s one way to get some cash now tomorrow I’ll cover 2 other methods, Affiliate marketing and selling information products which is what we do on a number of our sites

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