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How to Ride the Tidal Wave Of EBook Sales


Hi there, now there’s been a lot of talk about eBooks, self publishing, and information publishing etc over the past few months. The growth in eBook sales has been absolutely amazing and I think from memory I read somewhere recently last year alone the growth in sales of eBooks was over 200% year on year!!!

Now the figures are just staggering – sources quote 90 million eBooks sold last year and that equates to an industry worth in excess of $900 million a year worldwide.

Do You Want A Slice Of That?

Well to be honest if you’re in internet marketing you should be in information publishing and if you’re not why not? With a market that’s growing that strongly you should be riding that tidal wave now.

Word of Caution Here

Yes it a huge market, yes its growing but when ever you get those two elements not only is it extremely competitive but also customers become more critical of the quality of content and certainly more price sensitive and here’s what I mean by all of that:

There’s millions quite literally of eBooks out there and a big chunk   are pure rubbish, poorly written, not well researched and don’t deliver. Now ok there’s many in the internet marketing arena who are happy dare I say comfortable to pump out volume, sell a few, get a high level of returns and never worry about the customer – because and here’s the kicker – they know deep down they have scammed the customer, taken the money & run for the hills. So Ok that’s one way but to my mind not the right way.

Tell Me Why Its Not Right then?

Ok look at it this way, the web is getting more & more competitive; it takes effort and money to get traffic to your site and to build your list – something you must be doing. So if you are having to work so hard to get customers in the first place it makes sound business sense to cherish them surely?

Plus if you look after them there’s every chance they will become repeat customers into the future – that’s the real value of your list

Are You Building A Business or What?

Well the answer should be “yes” and if you agree with me then delivering quality content both on your site, blog and product is absolutely key all of the time. I will not put my name to something that I can’t be proud of and feel its delivering on the subject.

Ok I hear you say that’s all very well but I can see a niche where people are asking for quality ‘how to’ information but I know nothing about the subject – help what do I do? Ok first thing is don’t panic, second thing is watch out for my blogpost in two days time when I’ll tell you exactly how to do it

Hope this has been helpful

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Toby Russell

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