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Hi there, in today’s post I want to start and delve into how you are consciously and also sub consciously marketing your online business and also you as a “Brand”. Now I know this possibley sounds a bit weird but you’d be surprised how easy it is to over look the obvious especially when youre just starting out. Sometimes just by re-focusing some of your day to day activities you can substantially improve your results with little or no more effort.

Ok you’re not a recognised ‘brand’ now but think on over a period of time and if yuou become well known within a particular niche or market sector pretty well you’ll suddenly discover that you are being ‘recognised’ and possibly in demand – that’s how easily it can happen – so don’t overlook it. Lets be honest here we all want online succes because that’s what brings hopefully the financial freedome we want.

And the really BIG word here is building ‘TRUST’ if you start to become recognised as someone in the ‘know’ happy to help others with your knowledge then not only are you building you as a ‘brand’ but the ‘trust’ that will ultimately give you the edge over other internet marketers who only sell and sell and sell

Are You Marketing On The Internet Already But Just Didn’t Even Know It?

Take a second and think about how you’d answer this question honestly.  If you’re conducting any sort of business online, you’re probably marketing your business and yourself already and you didn’t even think about it like that.  It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, there’s always some kind of marketing and promotion going on in whatever activity you undertake. In this article, we’ll look at 2 key areas that you might already be doing, didn’t even realize it and therefore not necessarily get the most from it because you’re not focused

Internet Marketing –What Does it Mean?

First of all, if you’ve got a website up & running, a blog maybe then by definition your are internet marketing online, consider this internet marketing is simply put the ability to market though the medium of the internet – simple.

Just by virtue of having a site on the web for selling products or services.  If you’ve got a site, this means that anybody online can stumble upon your service or products.  You may not be doing anything to actively seek traffic, but just by being live online, you’re attracting customers.  This is a type of passive marketing. Now that’s ok to start with but you need to be doing more to generate traffic, getting backlinks etc. because the net is a competitive business arena and becoming more so by the day – so relying on ‘stumbling’ traffic will ultimately get you nowhere. After all look at your local shops most of them apart from the essential items we need for day to day living need to promote their businesses through advertising offers, having sales, saying what a great selection they have, etc etc.

Being online is no different passive marketing will only achieve so much after that its down to the more aggressive marketing to build your business and that means getting traffic, and ‘targeted’ traffic at that, so how do you do this?

Have you given any thought at all to keywords? 

Make sure your site getting ranked well by the search engines. Keyword optimization is one of the primary forms of Internet marketing and it’s considered essential to any net entrepreneur.  It’s called SEO, or “search engine optimization.”  Marketers pore over lists of keywords and their stats to find that magic one that’s going to drive traffic to their site.

Then, they fashion all of their content using those words and phrases.  The result is that search engines rank the site because they consider it relative to certain topics.  The technique of SEO is mind-bogglingly complex or that’s what the gurus would have us believe but believe me its nowhere near as complex as they like to make out.

Using Google’s Free Keywords Tool

You’ll be amazed how by using a tool such as Google free keyword tool you can develop a list of keywords to use. Key point here don’t over look long tail keywords – there are normally 5 plus words long, almost a small sentence in some instances – and for my money the easiest way to find then is to type in a search term into google – lets say – how to lose weight – then just look at some of the long tail keyword phrases that show up – those are the terms/phrases that people are searching for – try getting some of your pages and content ranked for these.

So website owners can do a simple bit of marketing by just choosing a few relevant keywords and using them in their web content. Once you start using the keywords you’ve chosen within both your site and the content you’ll see a marked improvement in your site’s ranking by the search engines – better rankings, means more traffic, more traffic means potentially more sales – it’s not rocket science.

Now in tomorrow’s post why you must be posting to forums and the benefits of testimonials in your marketing, see you there.

Ok so now please leave a comment, let us know what you think, was the post helpful? Did you get something out of it? Do get involved & let us know.

Toby Russell


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