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How to Make Your Own Successful Social Media Site


We all know that social media is an excellent tool for marketers. Every marketer who hasn’t been living under a rock uses it to learn about their market. But few realize how easy it is to create your own social media site and how effective it can be.

Before you tell me I’m crazy, I want you to know that we’re not talking about going up against Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. That’s a strategy I wouldn’t advocate since each has hundreds of millions of users. But if you laser-target a specific group of people and create a customized social media site for them, you can make a site that’s successful and beneficial for all involved.

If your small social media site takes off, you’ll have all kinds of exposure, lots of traffic for your site, and tons of new fans that consider you the expert on all things related to your niche. You’ll also have direct one-to-one contact with your market so you can learn more about them and communicate with them. Even a small site, if it’s well-targeted, can mean huge benefits.

Start with Your Target Market

Start by considering your target market. What are they really into? What do they love to blab about? What’s the connecting point between them and others like them? This is what you’ll use as the topic of your social media site.

For example, let’s say that you’re selling language-learning materials for people living abroad. The experience of living abroad is unique and people like to share information and stories. You can create an expat social media site tailored especially to them. You can narrow it even further to make it a community for expats with kids or expat retirees.

Creating Your Site

Don’t get hung up on the mechanics of building the site. The initial idea and the marketing are far more important. There are a number of online platforms that you can use to create your site, including Ning, Kickapps, PeoplePods, BuddyPress… and the list goes on. There are also software programs you can use to build your site.

Once your site is built, consider adding some special features to it. Again, consider your target market. What would they like to DO on the site, other than just posting, commenting and emailing others? Try to give them some built-in features they’ll like. This will encourage them to join and use the site. It’ll also set your site apart from other similar ones.

Things to Consider

Before you launch your social media site, there’s an important thing to consider. It takes considerable time to run and maintain a social media site. If it grows, this will mean more of your time. You’ll have to do quite a bit of maintenance to keep it going and this may be daily. Don’t start a social media site unless you’re willing to stick with it.

Facebook and Twitter are huge because they appeal to everybody. People of all ages and backgrounds use them. Your social media site will succeed because it doesn’t – it’s for one small targeted demographic. That’ll be its strength.

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