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How To Grow Your Online Business with Social Networking


New Rules For Internet Marketing ?  Be Social And Get To Know Your Customers

Hi there, naturally blogs and websites still work and are the backbone to make online businesses successful, but now there are some new avenues for getting more clients and building your opt-in list.  The way to do it now is to take advantage of social networking.

Now at this point I need to be honest and say that Sam & I are just getting into the social networking arena, and its certainly one thing to have a “facebook page” and ‘be on Twitter’ – but to use social networking sites for commercial purposes is still very new to us so we thought what a great idea to go through the learning curve with some of our visitors to our blog – and guess what if you’re reading this, then that’s you!!

Social Networking Rules ?

Many highly respected Internet marketers would argue that If you don’t take full advantage of what social media offers, you’ll be left out in the cold; Now this may well be true over time but just to put it into context over the years many internet marketing strategies have been suggested that they are paste their sell by date – you’ll have head “article marketing is dead” – well no its not. So yes its certainly the case that staying up to date is vital especially when you’re running an online business but for our part we believe (as many others do) that social networking should be viewed as just another all be it important weapon in your internet marketing arsenal. So anyway here’s the basics coming up.

The Basics Of Social Media

Sites like Facebook and Twitter are some of the most visited sites on the web, irrespective of where you live, but all over the world. So the opportunities of increasing your worldwide traffic can be immense by using these mediums.

Social networking sites can really add value to your business for several reasons.  First of all, they give you more and depending how you use them substantially greater exposure.  The search engines like social media sites; they certainly can’t ignore them because of the traffic they get so effectively when you’re on Facebook, you get Facebook’s high Google rating as a bonus

This means that your profile will come up high on search results when people look for your keywords.  They also allow you to focus on more targeted audiences by taking advantage of the site’s features such as groups and fan pages.  Finally, your customers can use your profile to interact with your business.  Nothing builds brand loyalty like this.

Social Media Etiquette

However, when it comes to social media, there are rules some of which are driven by the visitors and users of the sites.  In the last few years, Internet marketing has had to develop new strategies as web surfers become savvier.  The web surfer has changed in that they no longer put up with spammy or overly promotional content.  The Internet has become a more interactive place, and users can easily tune out the noise. Of constant sales, sales and more sales – it’s really important that you take this aspect on board.

When using social networking sites, keep in mind always that your site is for your customers.  This is not the place for you to give them the hard sell or try to make them buy.  This is where you let them interact with you so that they feel a sense of ownership and trust.  Let them say what they will about you and use your profile how they want to (within reason that is!).   

In whatever you do, from creating your profile to sending out updates or looking for friends, always keep in mind that it’s all for them.  This will create value and trust, which will translate to sales later. Now please read that last line again its all about value & trust. If you give people value they will trust you – remember people buy people fist before they buy products.

Get To Know Your Customers

Probably the greatest advantage of social media sites is that they let you know your customers better.  After all, that’s what marketing is all about.  They’ll post exactly what they think, and you can use this to guide your future marketing strategies.  Marketers couldn’t have asked for a better tool!

Once you know who is interested in your product or service and who they are, you’ll be better able to sell to them.  For example, you can take into consideration gender differences.  Men and women surf the web differently, especially when it comes to shopping.  Women are more cautious and look for better deals, while men are more likely to find what they were looking for and buy it.  While these might be gender stereotypes, you can use this kind of information to your advantage by custom-tailoring your services to your audience.

This is an essential strategy for making your business succeed that much more quickly online. Because lets remember primarily what social networking does is bring traffic, yes it offers more marketing opportunities and intelligence as well, but more traffic is the key to building your list, and ultimately selling more product.

Ok so now please leave a comment, let us know what you think, was the post helpful? Did you get something out of it? Do get involved & let us know.

Toby & Sam

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