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How To Find The Best Forums For Promoting Your Site


Hi Toby here, now in previous posts I’ve discussed how important posting & commenting on forums is to your presence online and the growth of your business – but I hear you ask ‘which forums are worth the time?’ and it’s a good and very important question which I plan in some part to help answer today – so here we go …

Finding The RIGHT Ones

If you already understand the importance of using forums for back links, then you are probably wondering where you can find out more about which forums to join.  In any given niche, there are far more out there than any one person can join.  First of all, here is a website that can help you.

And here it is:

At the Big Boards website, you can discover some of the most popular forums in your particular niche.  When you first arrive at the website, you will see three major sections.  The top part allows you to simply search.  That is normally the easiest way to find what you’re looking for.  However, there is a directory underneath the search box.  If you would rather browse, you might find some forums that you never knew existed.  If that’s not enough for you, the third section shows you some of the most popular forums on the Internet.  You can sort the entire list by many different filters.

Relevancy Is Key Here

Let’s suppose you have a website about pregnancy.  You may see pregnancy in one of the categories.  If you were to click on it, you would be taken to a list of the most popular forums.  Next, click on the drop-down box that says, “Sort by…”  Then, choose the option that says “members.”  You may need to look at other information about the forum before you choose to join it.  In this example, the most popular forum is in China.  You can pay attention to the flags to see which country they represent.  However, the second example is in English.  It has over 200,000 members.  That would be a good place to start!

How To Check Forums For Quality

Also, you may want to click the drop-down box again.  This time, select the option that says, “Alexa Ranking.”  Alexa is a company that ranks websites according to popularity.  This is usually an indicator of how authoritative or trustworthy the website will be.  It’s also a good indicator of the quality of back links you’ll enjoy.  So go ahead and do that.  Then, see which forums pop up.  They may be different.  The ones towards the top are usually your best choices.

By joining forums with both a high degree of members and a high Alexa ranking, the quality of back links will be better.  Additionally, the information you exchange can help you.  That’s not to say that you should always choose forums with the most members.  Some forums can have higher quality links because they are more selective about membership.  You will need to take the time to visit the forum website and see it for yourself.

I mentioned Big Boards, but you can also just do a search in Google’s “forum search.”  It doesn’t give you the detailed forum statistics or anything else, but you can pretty much bet that the ones that come up at the top are the ones Google likes best.

Key Point Here ….

Join as many forums as you’ve got time to monitor.  Get into a steady routine of spending a certain amount of time each day or making a set number of posts each week.  Interact naturally, and you’ll start to see traffic from your efforts.

Ok hope you’ve enjoyed this post & it’s been useful now go off take some action and delve into your forums of choice now.

Toby Russell

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