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How To Drive Laser Targeted Traffic To Your Site


Hi there and welcome have you taken my advice and visited Google and set up your adwords account yet – I sincerely hope you have. Its not difficult but the best learning curve you can have is ‘doing it’ – test and test again gambling with very small amount of money to begin with until you’re totally comfortable with the system and how to use it.

Targeted Traffic

Ok let’s move on to not only using Adwords to get traffic but also getting the right kind of ‘TARGETED’ traffic. Don’t ever overlook this word because it’s vital to your own line success. The more competitive the Internet becomes, and believe me it will the more vital it is to get the RIGHT visitors to your site

Remember if you have a site about healthy Italian cooking recipes don’t target a keyword like Italian cooking – it’s too broad. Your keyword within your niche is ‘healthy’ combined with words or phrases around Italian cooking.

Now don’t get me wrong I love Italian food, could eat it every day but my waistline would not stand it – believe me. Because some Italian recipes are not great for calorie control – know what I mean therefore people searching for healthy Italian food might type a search term in like healthy spaghetti bolognaise – that’s what I mean by targeted – so read on when I cover keyword research below

To make sure that your traffic is laser targeted, you’ll need to monitor your stats.  Google Adwords will also do this, giving you feedback on how your strategy is working.  By laser targeting, you’ll see the ratio of visitors to buying customers increase dramatically.

Keyword Research

The key to laser targeting traffic is to choose the right keywords.  You need keywords and keyword phrases that are relevant to your site and that also draw a good number of visitors.  You can find free tools that will help you choose keywords.  They’ll show you how many searches a certain keyword is getting per month, and this will help you decide.

Google Adwords laser targets your traffic so that it stands to reason more of your visitors are likely to become customers over time.  It will make sure that the people who are looking for your specific product or service will find it.  The key to getting it all started is to make sure that your Google Adwords use the right keywords that will pull them in. Test, test and test again on small daily budgets.

Although it costs some upfront investment, Google Adwords is a great way to profit on line.  It makes sure that you get just the traffic you want with in many instances the best opportunity to get visitors who may actually buy from you. 

A Word of Caution here ……….

The long-term profits will pay off in the end, but do tread carefully initially, make sure you set your daily budget pretty low to begin with, test it out, check your stats, do not increase the daily budget until you feel totally comfortable that you understand the way it works – there’s been many before you who have lost a fortune on adwords – so beware and cautious to start.

My top tip – dip your toe in the water with Google Adwords first, then when you’re comfortable with the system, getting the desired results consider spreading your net a bit wider with some of the other search engines. Let us know how you get on, until then ….


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