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How to Create EBooks With No Market Knowledge!


Hi there and welcome back to my series of blog posts on how to get your slice of the multi million dollar eBook pie. In my last post I illustrated just how large this market is and growing all the time. But here’s the rub you’re keen to get involved, done some market research together with keywords and reckon you’ve discovered a hungry market just waiting for you to come along and offer a download information product (because guys that’s what an eBook is!) to solve their problems.

What’s The Hold Up Then?

Well that’s when you hit the problem of suddenly realising you know very little about the niche and therefore the problems that these people need solving. So how are you going to produce an eBook that is credible, unique and great value for money?

Ok don’t panic here’s what you do – My 5 Step Plan:

Step 1. Visit forums, chat rooms, online message boards in your chosen niche and have a dig around as to what people are asking about, what problems or issues do they need help over. Write down a comprehensive list together with any solutions offered.

Step 2. Visit your local store selling magazines. Again a strong niche will support magazines, letters pages are a great searching ground for problems and how to solve them

Step 3. Visit Amazon. Are there problem solving books in your niche? What’s the demand (i.e. are there many) and what are the price points. Now this can be a critical one so check it out carefully both at Amazon and by searching in Google. After all there’s no point producing a great product if most information is offered up free!

Step 4. Using your notes and research, sit down & draft out some categories or chapter heads if you like that you believe your eBook should cover. By doing this you’ll develop a structure without even knowing it

Step 5. Go to several online outsourcing companies, as an example and find professional writers with knowledge in your market that will bid against each other to write your eBook for you.

 So Job Done!

So there you have it, suddenly you have had a unique, well written eBook created for you (obviously at some cost but you’ll be surprised how competitive those writers are!) that all you have to do is to package it (many online free graphic, eBook cover packages available) and start marketing.

So that’s it for today, but do watch out for my next post which in a similar vein I’ll give you a real life illustration of  how ‘self publishing’ is a fairly new but incredibly fast growing area which you might consider getting into, even if you don’t you should still be aware, until then

Toby Russell

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  1. Titia says:

    Ho ho, who would think it, right?

  2. Glad to read your post :). It is very informative!

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