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How To Boost Your Online IM Sales During The Holidays


Hello and welcome back, now we’ve all read & heard about how sales online just keep on growing year on year around Christmas and I’m sure that this year will be no exception, especially as world economies appear to be universally in the doldrums, job losses, companies going bust right across the globe, many people will be searching avidly for good online bargains to stretch their purchasing power, so get in early & make sure you’re getting the maximum slice of online sales pie over the holiday period, so read on …..

The holiday season means a huge spike in sales, and that includes online sales.  In fact, every year more people are doing their Christmas shopping online in order to avoid the crazy holiday crowds.  They’re surfing the net with credit card in hand, ready to buy – and you need to be there waiting with a great offer.

Focus On Gifts

Lots of affiliate marketers target some different products for the holiday season because certain products do better.  You’ll see a spike in sales in anything that can be given as a gift.  It’s also a great season for making loads of money on Amazon and other online merchants.

The holiday season sees a spike in Internet traffic everywhere.  This means that it’s a good time to target low-priced goods that generate high-volume sales.  If you pick your products well, you can see a major profit. 

Getting Into The Christmas Spirit

I’ll be honest with you – changing your website to a WordPress Christmas template isn’t going to boost your sales, but there are a few things that can help get visitors to your site and keep them there.  One is to install interactive Christmas apps that people who otherwise don’t know about your site can find through web searches.  You can also add a countdown to remind people that they need to get buying soon.  These little things can attract new traffic to your site.

Offer Christmas Deals

The best thing you can do to increase sales over the holiday season is to offer a special deal.  It’s the time of year for giving, so give them a great deal.  This helps you keep your customers loyal and also attracts new customers.

You shouldn’t be surprised by this, but this year’s going to see way more people doing their holiday shopping with their mobile devices.  There are more coupons, gift cards, store points and text alerts than ever.  They’ll also be looking for stores, comparing prices and reading reviews on their phones.  This means that it might be time to get your mobile marketing going if you haven’t done so already.

Get Ready Early

We all know about Black Friday; that’s the Friday after the Thanksgiving holiday in the US.  Well, the Monday after Black Friday is Cyber Monday.  Marketing research shows that this is the Big Day for online Christmas shopping.  This means that you should be targeting this day and the days around it for the biggest sales.

You should be getting everything ready as early as possible.  Although most people don’t want to, you should start thinking about holiday sales as early as October.  You’ll need to build sites, create content, and get your special offers together. 

Right now Internet marketers don’t give the Christmas holidays the attention they deserve.  Maybe it’s because the shopping season online hasn’t become quite as crazy as it is offline yet.  But in the coming years, online Christmas shopping is only going to get bigger, especially with mobile devices.  And you should be there to profit from it.

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