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How to Blow up on YouTube – Viral Videos for Your Business


YouTube is one of the world’s hottest websites. We turn to it for information as well as entertainment. You can watch videos of idiots jumping off roofs or people getting kicked in the crotch, or watch a tutorial on tying a necktie or yoga videos. If a business gets lots of views, they’re sure to get some customers from it, and the way to get lots of views is to create a viral video.

The Ultimate YouTube Mistake

The worst thing you can do with YouTube is upload a commercial. We skip commercials on TV and only watch infomercials for the humour value. Why would anybody want to watch commercials on YouTube? You have to be more subtle than that. Good YouTube videos entertain or inform. The best offer infotainment – information that entertains (or entertainment that informs – depending on how you look at it).

Spicing up Your Marketing Message

Businesses produce videos that help viewers solve problems, introduce new products and show how they’re used, or walk viewers step by step through some kind of process. These are effective because they provide value. If you want to put the ‘tainment’ in infotainment, there are a few ways to do it.

– Liven It up. Instead of making the video yourself or using an employee, hire an actor, comedian or voice-over talent to do it for you. There’s a reason they get paid to appear on TV. They’re good at taking any old script and turning it into something worth watching.

– Titillate. I know lots of people think this is the lowest common denominator, but sex sells. It works for both genders as well. When a pleasant looking person that’s attractive to members of the opposite sex is delivering your marketing message, it’s sure to get some views.

– Gimmickize. Add a gimmick to your videos. Dress the car repair guy up in a bunny suit. Have the cook end each cake baking video by smashing somebody’s face in it. Feature belly dancers in your exercise videos. I know all of these ideas sound stupid, but that’s the point – they’re gimmicks. Your car repairman becomes the bunny-suit car repairman. Gimmicks make your videos unique.

– Turn up the Funny. A great majority of viral videos spread because they’re funny as heck. People watch them because they want a good laugh. If you can work humour into your videos in any way, shape or form, they’ll get more views. This goes for any niche, even something as seemingly dull as finance or real estate.

Slightly Less Ridiculous Ways to Get Views

There are several other ways you can get more views for your videos. One is to translate them into other languages like Spanish or Chinese, especially if you’re selling to those markets. Even if you’re not, you may start doing so if you have multilingual YouTube videos.

You can boost their SEO by covering news, current events or timely topics. Try to predict something that’s going to happen soon, like a sporting event, the opening of a movie, or the release of a video game console, and create videos that involve that somehow. Whenever it happens, there will be lots of searches for those keywords.

YouTube is an excellent low-cost (or no-cost) way to promote your business online. The key is to give people a good reason to watch.

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