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HARO – Using Help A Reporter Out For Internet Marketing


Hi there today I want to just talk about a really neat site that can certainly help you gain exposure in your chosen niche, and grow you and your business as a recognised brand

Give a Helping Hand

Help A Reporter Out ( is a site where you can show your expertise and build authority in your niche.  It’s a place where reporters request information content for websites, newspapers, magazines, radio and TV.  You can join the site and provide that information.  This gets you some exposure and shows you as an expert in your niche. 

So, how much exposure can you get using HARO?  Well, here are a few of the companies that use their services – Business Week, ABC, CNN, Reuters, and Dow Jones, just to name a few.  As you can see, replying to the right reporter and giving them the info they need could mean HUGE exposure for you.This is how it works

How HARO Works

The first step is to sign up and make an account.  You sign up to be an ‘expert.’  When you make your account, you can choose to either get all leads or only ones that are specific to your industry (your niche).  If you choose to get all leads, you’ll be slammed with lots of queries to look through.  You want to be focusing on your niche so you can build expertise there, but you never know; you might find something you can answer that’s relevant in a different category.  You can choose either option if you’ve got the time to look through them all.

The way it works is that every day you’ll get 3 emails with queries.  These emails have lists of clickable links that describe what they’re looking for.  You can click them for more details and contact info.  If you can provide useful information that matches any of their queries, you can contact them and tell them how you can help.

For example, let’s say you’re in the SEO niche.  You get a query that’s asking about how offline businesses can increase their web traffic.  You can supply the reporter with some tips on increasing traffic (just like you’d write in a blog post or article) and they’ll publish the article with a quote from you:  ‘Internet marketer and SEO expert (your name) says that offline businesses can increase web traffic by…’

Using HARO Effectively

When you’re supplying information for HARO, it’s really important not to be salesy or self-promotional.  Don’t spam the reporters or pitch your services to them.  Be professional and tell them how you can help.  HARO is really strict about this and if you violate their rules, you’ll be banned from the site and in some cases ‘outed.’  In other words, your rep will get ruined.

The reporters here want information that’s high quality and relevant.  There’s certain information they’re looking for.  HARO gives you a chance to show your expertise, not advertise your products and services.  You should always keep that in mind when you’re using them.

Finding Experts On HARO

You can also use the site to look for experts.  This is a great way to get fresh and interesting content for your own site or blog.  It’s easy to submit your own query and you’ll be flooded with responses from experts.  This is especially good if you’re writing about something you don’t have firsthand experience with. 

Well I hope this little nugget of information has been helpful, it’s not a site where everyone can use and benefit from but its certainly one to check out and you’ll likely be amazed how you might be able to help. Do let us know how you get on.

Until the next time

Toby & Sam Russell

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