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Harness The Power Of Twitter With Tweet Swaps


Hi there now as we’ve covered before you really must be using all methods in your Internet marketing activity to ensure you receive maximum exposure on the web and o build your reputation in your particular niche.

Bottom line the more you do and the more tools you use the wider and faster your authority will grow and today I want to cover one social media opportunity, so read and get started ……

Tweet swaps are a lot like ad swaps.  With ad swaps, you’re advertising on another person’s list and they’re advertising on yours.  Tweet swaps work the same way, but they’re done on Twitter.  Twitter is just like your list; they’re all people that have friended you in order to hear about special deals.

But here’s a huge difference that you should keep in mind – with tweet swaps, you’re not going to be making sales; you’re going to be generating leads and driving traffic.

Lots of Internet marketers have given up on Twitter and now say that it’s useless.  The reason is that you’re not going to make money with Twitter.  But what it’s going to do is get you in front of a lot of people.  Although everything with social media is quick and in real-time, Twitter’s all about building a loyal, long-term fan base. 

Tweet swaps help you to do that.  You get to make a great offer to another person’s Twitter followers.  This means new followers for you.

How Tweet Swaps Work

First, you find a partner who is in a similar niche.  The wants and needs of your target market should be similar to theirs but not exactly the same.  You both should be targeting a different sub-niche within the same overall niche, or something similar. 

This is really important because it won’t do you any good to send offers to people who are not even vaguely interested in what you’re offering!  With tweet swaps, it’s not about numbers; it’s about offering your goods to the right people.

Lots of folks screw this up. They get excited because they’ve partnered with a guy who has 15,000 followers on Twitter and they’re going to do tweet swaps.  What they didn’t take into account is that they advertise golf gear and the other guy has a home improvement site!

I Tweet Yours, You Tweet Mine

Once you’re partnered up, you send out tweets to each other’s fans.  It’s extremely simple and you’ll both get huge benefits.

Another thing that’s different about tweet swaps is that you have to tweet more than once.  People get on Twitter at different times, so you need to tweet multiple times throughout the day.  The optimal amount is about 3 to 4 times, and make sure they’re as far apart from each other as possible.  Your tweets will get buried under all the newer tweets they get.

You should work out with your partner the number of tweets based on how many followers you have.  If you have the same number of followers as your partner, you should be sending out the same number of tweets.  But, if your partner has more followers than you, you should be tweeting more.

The way to do this is to work out a ratio.  Let’s say you’ve got 3,000 followers and they’ve got 9,000.  This means that you should be tweeting 3 times as much as they are.  This keeps it balanced and makes sure all of the followers get the message.

Finally, here’s a tip to getting the most out of tweet swaps.  Remember that I said Twitter’s not great for making sales but it is good for lead generation.  Don’t send your partner’s followers to a sales page and don’t pitch products to them.  They don’t want to be sold to by a stranger.  Instead, offer them free stuff.  You still need to build their trust.

Toby & Sam Russell

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