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Growing a Facebook Fan Page’s Followers


Once you set up a Facebook fan page, it’s a bit like a party where nobody is there yet. You’re waiting around for people to come along and like your page. The usual best practice is to first reach out to friends, family members and associates and ask them to like your page. You may also invite your personal followers. But after that, what do you do? Here are some ideas.

Join Groups

A great way to get exposure for your page which will turn into followers is to join groups. Find groups that are relevant to your niche or where your target market hangs out. Join these groups and participate by commenting on posts and making friends with people. Other members of the group will see you and click on your profile to check out your fan page.

Develop your social media presence correctly!

Develop your social media presence correctly!

Host Contests

Hold a contest where the winner gets a freebie. The best option is to invest in a slightly costly (in other words valuable) giveaway and then offer smaller things for runners up. The catch is that they have to start following you on Facebook. That’s all they have to do and they’re eligible to win. Do this regularly and you’ll keep getting new followers.

Offer Exclusive Content

Offer content on your Facebook site that they can only get by joining. There are special tabs for doing this where you can publish ‘fan only’ content. On your page, tell them how this exclusive content will benefit them. The great thing is that to get that fantastic content, they only need to do one thing – click the ‘like’ button.

Add Buttons

Put a Facebook ‘like’ button on all of your marketing materials online and off. This includes your website, your blog, your email signatures, your forum signatures, brochures, and even sales receipts in the form of a QR code (this is a three-dimensional bar code they can scan with a smartphone and it automatically likes your page).

Guest Posting

It takes a bit more time, but write guest blog posts to put on high-traffic blogs in your niche. In the author bio, instead of having a link to your website, send people to your Facebook fan page.

Get More Active on Facebook

Finally, there’s a really simple thing most people don’t consider. Just get on Facebook and interact a lot with others. Like others’ content, comment on their posts, and be hyperactive in your niche. Every single thing you do on Facebook gets you into someone else’s news feed, and that can mean serious exposure.

The good thing about growing your Facebook followers is that it has the snowball effect. Once people start following your page, more will come. When you first launch your page, devote time each day to growing followers and gradually you can ease off.

Toby Russell

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