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Good Internet Marketing Forums – Your Vital ‘Support System’


Welcome I don’t know about you but when Sam & I first started going off to Internet marketing workshops and seminars we certainly experienced some strange looks & comments from friends and family. We then ended up trying to justify what we’re doing but not very effectively. Why? Because although we knew there was money to be made in ‘internet marketing’ and having an online business, being new to it we weren’t sure exactly how.

Lets be honest here trying to explain & effectively sell a concept to others when you don’t fully understand it yourself is tricky, added to that ground breaking new industry as it was in the UK a few years ago and your stuffed, that’s why its vital you ……

Do Join A Community Of Like Minded Individuals.

This is a terrific way to start up an online “support system”. And how do you do this? Through designated on line communities such as forums. Not newsgroups or chat rooms – you’ll just end up wasting loads of valuable time in them. But forums. These are extremely valuable sources of information, cooperation, and understanding from others that are interested and involved in the same industry.

In most instances the feedback is very reliable in that the information you pick up is delivered by like-minded people in a similar situation to yourselves.  Be honest & up front with people- tell them you’re a newbie if that’s the case, ask for help and advice and if you’re polite and friendly you’ll receive tons of support and useful info guaranteed.

Plus the other advantage is a forum can be like your own personal library of help tips, you can’t lose it. All you need to do is log in to the forum and re visit and refresh your memory plus in many instances you can get Instant answers, and often develop long term friends who will help & support you.

Forums give you the opportunity to get on a more personal level with people by asking questions and providing answers to others there.

A wonderful forum is The Internet Marketing Warriors Forum. It’s been around for a long time and really has a wealth of Internet Marketing information on it. Probably many of you reading this may well have already used this forum, all well & good but if you haven’t check it out – you won’t be disappointed.

The other one I sincerely recommend which although its not free is absolutely well worth subscribing to is the Internet Marketing Review. Again its been around for over 10 years now, it’s a physical ‘printed’ monthly newsletter, the online version has tons of resources and a forum that absolutely ‘rocks’ – when I have a problem or just a question its my first point of call, and I’ve managed to get the publishers to offer YOU a Special Trial Offer  with a whole host of goodies – believe me you need to become a member if you’re serious about growing your online internet marketing business – go there now!

There are thousands of others too that can benefit you just need to search them out and register at the forum(s) of your choice. Don’t be afraid to become an active member of a forum either. You would be surprised at how many people are there for much the same reasons that you are. But one word of caution, time is precious and don’t fall into the trap of spending hours and hours on forums to the determent of working in & on your own business – believe me many fall into that trap.

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